In the month of September, Sofigate’s Copenhagen office offered the new ITIL 4 Foundation training course and certification. ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. ITIL can help individuals and organisations use IT to realize business change, transformation and growth. Participants joined from the Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo offices, including Sofigate’s Danish and Swedish graduates as a part of their training. The course lasted two days and was led by Michael Imhoff. In addition to being a Senior Business Technology Manager, he is also an ITIL certified instructor with many years of experience in IT service management.

So what were the learning experiences? Below the graduates from the Danish and Swedish office have shared their experience of the course and the framework.

Graduates from the Copenhagen Office:

The ITIL course was a fun and challenging learning experience. We were given notice about the course and exam a month ahead of time, so we had the chance to study in advance. This turned out to be very beneficial since the ITIL 4 course was intense, both in terms of the content and the condensed nature of the course.  Over two days we were given an overview of IT service management and at the end of the second day, we completed a 1-hour 40 question exam to obtain our certification. We had access to study materials, including mock tests and the official ITIL 4 app.  While these were helpful study tools, they also highlighted the importance of not just memorizing the terminology, but also gaining an in depth understanding of the topics. In the end, obtaining the ITIL 4 exam proved to be more difficult than anticipated and required not just a mnemonic study technique, but necessitated a comprehensive grasp of the notions. In fact, the exam appeared to be different than the practice tests, both in terms of questions’ wording and level of complexity, but nothing that a good session can’t help!

Luckily, in order to unwind after a long day, we had the chance to take the Swedish graduates out for dinner and share a meal together. In fact, ITIL presented to be not only a good venue to learn theoretical insights about IT management, but also a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals.

As graduates, the ITIL framework was highly theoretical, but gave us an opportunity to see how this could be applied in real cases. It provided us with an overview of the IT structure of a company, how it operates, gave us a cohesive set of best practices and IT terminology. In conclusion, it was great to learn new concepts, new people and really test ourselves.

Some inputs from the graduates from the Stockholm Office:

“Our experience from the ITIL Foundation was resoundingly positive and we appreciated the comprehensive nature of ITIL 4. Many of us graduates weren’t familiar with ITIL before and so we gained clarity about how the various concepts of ITIL are related to one and other and to IT Service Management in general. We all studied in preparation for the exam and while we were prepared for it, we were taken aback by the complexity of the examination, which required a holistic and deep understanding of ITIL.

Apart from the course itself, we really appreciated the beauty of Copenhagen, which in many regards has a continental vibe compared to Stockholm. Although we had to work on our Danish skills to navigate the city, we had the Danish grads that were more than helpful and friendly.”

The background of ITIL:

The first publication and certification were released back in February.

Since then work has progressed and on October 3rd the “Managing Professional Transition” certification was released. This training is aiming at transitioning ITIL V3 Experts to the ITIL 4 Managing Professional level i.e. including elements from the ITIL 4 modules “Create, Deliver & Support, Drive Stakeholder Value, High Velocity IT and Direct Plan & Improve in one go as illustrated below. In fact, you don’t have to be ITIL V3 Expert to attend. The requirement is that you have 17 out of 22 credits from the ITIL V3 certification scheme in order to participate.

The publications for these four areas as well as the Digital & IT Strategy are in progress as well as are the description of the 34 practices.

The publications and certifications are expected to be released as follows:

  • November 2019: ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support, and ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan and Improve.
  • Q1 2020: ITIL 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value, ITIL 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT.
  • H1 2020: ITIL4 Strategic Leader: Digital & IT Strategy.

At this point there is no information on the release dates for the practice descriptions. Descriptions for Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Control and Service Level Management have been out in draft versions for review.

Interested in getting an ITIL certificate? Please reach out to Michael Imhoff.

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