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Turn sustainability into your competitive advantage – we’ll take care of the operative side for you.

ESG Service Center

Make sustainability an advantage

Organizations can turn sustainability to their advantage in competition in the eyes of investors or the most talented job seekers. Professional ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) management requires a modern platform, concrete data and smart working.

Our approach brings a more efficient way of working, enabling more time for strategic ESG development from operative reporting work.

Our ESG Service Center enables you to focus more time on strategic sustainability development and how your organization can build strategic advantage from sustainability.

ESG the easy way – our ESG Service Center

Our full-service for ESG reporting and data management covers a modern technology platform and a dedicated Service Manager. Thanks to our full-service, you don’t need to make extra investments in expensive ESG systems – it’s included!

Service Manager

A named service manager is responsible for managing your ESG service center. They also help you with the annual ESG reporting.

The service manager ensures that the data is up-to-date and that it flows without interruptions. 

Service Platform

ESG Reporting

ESG metrics are to be used as the basis for annual ESG reporting. 

ESG Data

The pre-made selection of the most common ESG metrics offers a fast track for automating the most common ESG reporting.

Why should you focus on sustainability?

Sustainability is an important factor for attracting investors and in financial arrangements but also to lead the industry standard in sustainability

Concrete sustainability actions play major role in brand building and enterprise reputation, attracting talented experts.

Contributing to society widens companies’ purpose and can help retaining the talented employees

Our ESG service center offering

Our full-service consists of 3 main components. You get the complete package with a simple monthly fee.

We conducted a customer satisfaction survey with our key customers representing the biggest companies in Finland and Nordics. The most common themes include:

Service Manager

The ESG Service Manager keeps the Service Center running and ensures uninterrupted service operations

Service Platform

ServiceNow’s standardized ESG metrics, GHG Emission calculation (Scope 1,2 and 3) and wide range of ready integrations enable rapid deployment in 3 months.

ESG Reporting and data

Streamlined data collection, standardized ESG metrics and extensive reporting capabilities of the ServiceNow platform enable targeted reporting to the relevant stakeholders.

Example of our ESG data dashboard

Common challenges in ESG

Many organizations have not yet started their ESG journey. Still, by 2025, all companies must be able to report their key ESG data if they have two of the following: €50 million in net revenue, a minimum of 250 employees, and €25 million in total assets.

ESG is often managed with minimal resources and manual processes. Most of the time is spent on manual data collecting from suppliers, and internal business processes. Also, data management, correcting false data and reporting the key figures takes a lot of time due to manual processes.

As a result, often no one has time to develop an organization’s sustainability agenda.

Most organizations share many common ESG metrics, but the majority are still struggling with them.

That’s why we’ve developed our ESG Service Center to guide you on your ESG journey

Want to know more?

We’d be happy to tell you how we can help you on your ESG journey – send us a message below!