Sales, marketing, service and e-commerce with Salesforce

Deliver a seamless customer experience with the world’s #1 customer success platform.

Connecting customers and organisations with business technology

We combine business technology management services with the most innovative technology. Our best professionals, world's leading technology platform, proven concepts and continuous improvement help you lead and manage your customer experience – end to end.


How to succeed in CRM projects and on your organisation's digitalisation journey? We bring business and technology together already in the early design stages of the transformation to ensure business-oriented prioritisation of technology capabilities.


Do you specify technology features or business capabilities?

Establish a common language, alignment and prioritization with Business Technology Design. Our facilitation and design methods ensure you can define your future customer experience capabilities. ​

The result? Easier implementation and happier users and customers with a technology that actually meets their needs.


Are you implementing something you specified 2 years ago or 2 weeks ago?

We implement the technology in business sprints guaranteeing fast results. We utilise live system demos to provide visibility to the development progress, allowing instant feedback to direct the work. We gather the best team out of our 600 experts to handle the implementation successfully. We share the journey with you with straightforward collaboration.


Platform implementation is not a project – it’s a journey.

​​As you face growing customer expectations, we introduce new capabilities matching your needs and implement them into production fast. We stand right beside you offering:

  • Continuous platform improvement, e.g. our process mining capabilities complement the platform and help you for example to predict the loss of customers and increase sales success rate.
  • An assigned Customer Success Manager who oversees that backlog prioritisation is aligned with business needs, brings relevant insights and facilitates innovation


Technology is worthless unless properly adopted by its users. 

Our way of changing the ways of working includes

Why we trust in the Salesforce ecosystem

By making the right ecosystem choice, you get access to continuous stream of innovation and new possibilities at a never before seen speed. Simple standard solution can grow and scale up to a variety of complex global needs – we trust in the Salesforce platform ecosystem.

Easy to use

Technology brings value only when it is used. We use Salesforce through browser and phone. We find it effective and intuitive. The tool serves our sellers and marketeers instead of them serving the tool. Onboarding new users is fast and online training materials are the best in the industry.  

Fast deployment

We promise concrete results fast. Our designers, consultants, architects and developers prefer Salesforce because the platform allows quick implementation, and at the same time, is powerful and flexible enough for most advanced and complex scenarios.

One integrated platform

Salesforce is one integrated platform that brings all aspects of customer engagement, marketing, sales, service and commerce together and gives everyone a common view of the customer, also providing the customer a holistic view of the company.

Increase revenue and marketing ROI with data

Key to delivering personalized marketing messages, targeted sales calls, integrated shopping experiences and fast customer service lies in the effective utilization of data in one integrated platform.


Customer 360 view: break down silos and share a single customer view across all business functions.

Marketing: use data to personalize your marketing messages and seamlessly connect marketing, sales, commerce and service.

Sales: offer your salespeople insight with real-time data, allowing more time to focus on customer work.

CPQ: Configure, Price, Quote. Empower your sales people to make accurate quotes fast.

Commerce: move your business online and reach your customers 24/7.

Communities: share information and collaborate with customers, partners, employees, citizens or any stakeholders through web and mobile.

Service: automate your service processes to provide better answers and improve service operations faster.

Non-profits: Raise funds and engage your members, supporters and stakeholders effectively.

Public sector: Transform the services to better meet the needs of general public and empower public servants and municipal officials.

Customer references

Our experts have worked with Salesforce implementations from large international companies to startups and in various industries from public sector's multi-vendor environment to more simple deployments.

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