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Combining business design, technology and transformation management

Your customers react to the ever-changing business landscape and make decisions faster than ever. They expect to interact with you 24/7.

In order to react and serve your customers in best possible way, you need to know how and where to interact with them. Today the best way to connect with your customers is through digital.

Change in customer experience is always a change in operating models, people’s capabilities and utilised technologies. We design your CX capabilities, provide leading technology platforms and help you manage the change that enables you to react faster to your own customer’s needs. We are your unique partner and help you to lead the entire transformation journey by providing the best change management professionals.

Manage the complexity of customer experience

Every single one of a company’s core processes affects customer experience. Sales, Marketing, Master Data, Logistics and Finance all have a touchpoint to your customer. Therefore you need holistic business technology design to manage the complexity of customer experience.

We help you to design, build and run an exceptional customer experience. We are experts in creating, managing, implementing and developing all core business processes and technologies. Starting with business design, service design and user experience design, we implement technology solutions and ensure the organisation learns and embraces the new way of working – all in an agile way.

We utilise the industry’s leading technology platforms and our own, ready concepts that have been created together with our customers. This unique combination coupled with our management expertise enables fast design and implementation to incrementally respond to development needs.

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When the Business Technology Design phase is done, you have all three: the tools, the processes and the new required capabilities.


Our business minded engineering teams build on modern platforms that enable you to deliver capabilities incrementally in order of importance to your business.


Our definition of done is when the people have adapted the new way of working, supporting the new culture resulting in value realisation.


Sofigate has hundreds of management, consulting, change management and technology experts with which our Customer experience teams collaborate daily. We utilise Sofigate’s concepts and best practices to deliver sustainable results to our customers.

Business Technology Design methodology is an integral part of a business solution delivery. It helps the transformation to succeed by ensuring the change is lead from the business perspective following the business capability requirements.

Our Business Core Renewal team works with customers to renew their core business processes and delivers solutions with leading cloud ERP technology solutions. When working close with this team we ensure end-to-end process excellence from customer facing interaction to successful product/service delivery to customer. This means better customer experience, smooth internal process flows, better customer loyalty with better customer insight and better end-to-end customer service.

Organisational Change Management (OCM), a concept utilised in Sofigate’s Way of Working offering, helps our customer in managing and leading the people side of change. Our teams collaborate with our change management experts to make sure that the people experiencing the change know and feel they are an essential part of the business transformation journey.

Our Business Automation team helps to find the best fit use cases for robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent business ecosystem integration and implements parts of the end to end automated processes.

Through our Support Center we provide continuous support for our customers.

Business Technology Standard Capability Model



Our Customer Experience frameworks, methodologies and baselines are developed with and based on the Business Technology Standard framework, which is an open source business technology management framework. The Business Technology Standard (and Sofigate’s related concepts) provide you and our CX team (Business Designer, Solution Architect, Engineer and Organizational Change Manager) with a common language and a fast and efficient decision making process.

Read how to organise and implement the elements by following Business Technology Standard. You can use it to assess your current state or as a reference model for your development program.

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