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Pioneer of Business Technology and Leader of IT Management

What started as one man’s courageous vision is now a growth company employing more than 650 people in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Founded in 2003, Sofigate is the leader of IT Management in the Nordics and pioneer of Business Technology management in Northern Europe. We help our customers succeed in leading digitalization. We do it by providing expertise in strategy transformations, technology solutions and management power.

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Business Technology Transformation partner in the Nordics

A strong believer in open source

In the digitalized fast-paced world, openness and sharing is the way to go forward. This is why we have founded the Business Technology Forum, which develops an open source framework called Business Technology Standard together with our clients.

A growth company with ambition

Our goal is to become Northern Europe’s leading Business Technology management company with a revenue of 500 million euros by 2025.


Sofigate Group is a privately owned company with almost 300 employee shareholders. In addition to our personnel and management, institutional investors LähiTapiola, Mandatum and Capman Growth have joined Sofigate’s growth story.

In 2021 Sofigate Group’s revenue was 107 MEUR , which marks 9% growth compared to the previous year. In the end of 2021 Sofigate employed more than 610 people.

Our values guide our way of working

Our aim is to help our employees deliver excellent value to clients and make ethical decisions every day. We expect our employees to work according to legislation, but also according to our values and guidelines. We want to empower our employees to have a smart sense and respect towards the business environment around us.

Our code of conduct relies on our core values: Dare, Care, Grow. Everyone at Sofigate follows it regardless of their title, location or business. Our code of conduct can be summarised under three key headings:

Promote wellbeing at work

People are Sofigate’s biggest asset and therefore their wellbeing is extremely important for us. We expect all our employees to contribute to and promote a safe working environment, where everyone is treated equal and with respect. We do not allow any discrimination, harassment, violence or working under the influence.

Protect privacy and data

We are committed to conducting business with a high level of integrity, according to legislation and we do not accept any form of bribery or corruption in our business. We respect our personnel’s and clients’ privacy and treat and process all sensitive information as confidential, according to GDPR requirements.

Run a sustainable business

We are committed to protecting the environment and actively work to minimize our carbon foot print. We are for example recycling and sorting waste according to law and local requirements and work as much as possible in digital format and online to avoid unnecessary printing and travelling.

Our Code of Conduct is available in detail upon request. In case you want to know more or would like to report about an issue, please contact HR@sofigate.com.


The timeline below explains how we got to where we are now. And we hope you join us in the next part of our journey!


Growth through COVID-19

March 2020 brought around unexpected events, and the COVID-19 pandemic closed down entire countries. Even through the extraordinary year of remote working, not being able to meet our colleagues or customers face-to-face, we managed to grow our business and strengthen our Nordic teams.


Release of Business Technology Standard

The year kicked off with the launch of Business Technology Standard, the fourth version of the previously know IT Standard for Business. Our technology businesses grew heavily, resulting in almost equal in volume as management services business.


Expanding Business Technologies

In the beginning of 2018, Sofigate acquired the Finnish Headstart Oy, strengthening its consulting offering and expertise in business technologies. In April, Sofigate acquired Csolutor Oy, and the two acquired companies were merged to create Sofigate’s new Business Technologies business area. Sofigate celebrated its 15th anniversary in May.


Nordic Pioneer in Business Technology

Early 2017 Sofigate acquired 3gamma, expanding its operations geographically to two new countries. By the end of 2017 the company will have almost 450 employees in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and UK


Three acquisitions in Finland and Sweden

Sofigate acquired Daymark AB in Sweden and the businesses of 3gamma Finland Oy and Prestantia Oy in Finland. The company grew to a powerhouse of 280 people.


Launch of IT Standard for Business

IT Standard for Business, the third version of ICT Standard was launched. Service Integration and Management ecosystem was founded in March, it had 12 members by the end of the year.


First Office in Stockholm

Sami Karkkila was appointed CEO of Sofigate, Juha Huovinen continues to work closely with customers. Sofigate AB was founded in Stockholm. Sofigate introduced “In-a-box” service concept.


10 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10th anniversary year with Sofigate Friends themed events throughout the year. ICT Standard Forum published an additional edition of ICT Standard for Management for the public Sector.


Second version of ICT Standard for Management

We launched the second version of ICT Standard for Management and founded CIO Club in Finland. ICT Standard Forum became a member of the jury of CIO of the year in Finland.


ICT Roundtable for Management Launch

Sofigate launched a new business social media solution for agile decision-making, ICT Roundtable for Management and started a new co-operation with Talentum under the CIO-brand.


Growth Through Product and Service Development

Sofigate’s product development programs ICT Standard, ICT Academy, ICT Dashboard and IT service management brought over 20 new customers during the last half of 2010.


ICT Standard for Management Best Practices

Sofigate founded Sofigate Tampere Oy, with Riikka Kivimäki as the managing director. Sofigate also founded ICT Standard Forum, which launched the first version of ICT Standard for Management.


Sofigate Services Oy to Serve ITSM Customers

Jori Kanerva started as the head of Sofigate Services Oy, which was founded at the same time as the first customer contract was signed.


140% Growth

The company management team was reinforced with four experienced managers. Annual revenue grew 140% and personnel reached 40.


IT Management as a Service

IT Management as a Service concept was officially launched. Both revenue and personnel tripled.


IT Management Planning Agency

Jari Raappana, Stonesoft’s director of Business Development, joined Sofigate and brought with him some high-end management experience. Sofigate became Finland’s first IT Management planning agency.


Business Aligned IT

Sofigate published the book “The Value-Driven CIO – Bridging the Gap between Business and IT”.


Juha Huovinen founded Sofigate



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