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Case Oomi

Harnessing technology for market resilience and growth for Oomi

Oomi aimed to fortify its fundamental capabilities and fuel its growth, leveraging technology in a fluctuating market landscape.

Navigating market turbulence with growth and stability 

Oomi, a leading electricity sales company in Finland, has navigated significant changes in recent years. The fluctuating electricity market has tested Oomi’s adaptability in both product development and customer service. Amidst these market shifts, Oomi experienced rapid growth, identifying a crucial need to stabilise its core capabilities. 

Partnering with Sofigate, Oomi implemented the Basic IT service. This managed IT service model provides a cohesive ecosystem of hand-picked suppliers underpinned by a unique management layer and an integrated Service Management Office. The Basic IT service offers large enterprise capabilities in a compact, rapidly deployable package, allowing Oomi’s IT to focus on supporting the business beyond basic IT functions. 

Enterprise Architecture as transformation cornerstone 

The reorganisation of its basic IT presented an opportunity for Oomi to reassess its enterprise architecture. Historically, Oomi developed its diverse business areas individually based on specific needs. Utilising the Business Technology Standard as a framework, the focus shifted to a holistic view of Oomi’s business, aiming to align the enterprise architecture with the company’s varied needs, from electricity sales to electric bikes. 

The primary goal was to enable sustainable growth through a unified, modern user experience and harmonised business processes. This approach ensures cost management and scalability while remaining adaptable to changing and emerging business requirements. Oomi’s technology strategy now leverages top business platform technologies and partners, quickly implementing best practices for fundamental processes while staying agile in areas that set Oomi apart from competitors. 

With a shared vision and roadmap, Oomi’s innovative team now operates within a framework that allows for the rapid evaluation and prioritisation of new ideas, opportunities, and solutions. This structure ensures continuous value addition while keeping the bigger picture in focus. 

Building a resilient growth foundation 

With its new enterprise architecture and the foundational support of Basic IT, Oomi is poised for scalable, manageable, and flexible business growth. The Basic IT service ensures that Oomi’s IT processes can be efficiently scaled, maintaining transparency in cost structures regardless of the direction of growth. Additionally, the new enterprise architecture lays the groundwork for Business IT development, guiding the selection of future solutions that align with Oomi’s architectural principles and capability needs. 

“Oomi is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience, a commitment that’s evident not just in their marketing but also deeply ingrained in their internal culture. The Oomi team is full of driven professionals who are passionately committed to continuous development, healthy competition, and achieving success. This deep-seated dedication is the real reason I believe in Oomi’s future success, and it’s what makes working with them such a fulfilling experience.” says Eero Pyhäranta, Oomi’s Director of Development 

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