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Basic IT as a service

You only need one partner to manage your basic IT. Let us take care of the basics so you can focus on developing your business.

We take care of your IT management, so you don’t have to.

Every company needs basic IT infrastructure: computers and phones, network connections, printing, data storage capacity, cloud service management, server management, data security, and IT support.

IT management can be a lot of work when your company is using a wide assortment of technologies and services. You probably started out with a laptop, email and phone, and are now using dozens if not hundreds of devices, systems and services.

Especially when your company is facing a major change and needs to act quickly, it pays to let a professional run your basic IT. That way, you will be able to secure business continuity and scalability, and maintain user satisfaction and the quality of your IT services.

We take care of your IT management, so you don’t have to. In other words, we govern and develop your IT and run your IT support. You can focus on your business.

Our pre-selected partners and vendors supply the devices, connections and other infrastructure, but you only have to work with one point of contact: Sofigate. We take care of collaborating with service providers.

You get a high-quality selection of services and support at a reasonable cost. Monthly fees remain steady and predictable.

A scalable IT solution supports your company’s growth.

When we manage your basic IT services, you can focus on business development

We have a pre-selected network of trusted partners and high-quality solutions, and we’ve already taken care of agreements with them to save you the trouble. As all our customers use the same selection of basic IT services, all customers get to benefit from economies of scale and service levels that are usually not available to midsized enterprises.

We take care of the following services for you:

Support services, such as a service desk or local support

Device and life cycle management, such as laptops, phones and printing

Collaboration services, such as Office 365 management

Communication services, such as WLAN, firewall and VPN

Servers and capacity services, such as cloud or on-premise server management

Identity and access management services

Cyber security services

Here’s when you should consider getting basic IT as a service:

  • Your company has a wide variety of IT services from several service providers. Managing them takes too much time.
  • You want to upgrade the quality of your IT services.
  • You need expert help in designing systematic IT management.
  • You have ambitious growth targets, are expanding abroad or implementing a new strategy.
  • In a merger, acquisition or carve-out.

The benefits of getting basic IT as a service include:

  • Ease
  • Quality and security
  • Predictable, transparent costs
  • Scalability both in the number of users and the components of the service
  • Continuous development
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Mitigating personnel risk

A scalable IT solution supports your company’s growth. Moreover, your IT Manager can focus on developing the interplay of business and technology when we take care of the basics.

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Basic IT is the technology backbone of your operations.

It’s a prerequisite for smooth collaboration and personnel satisfaction. Digitalising your business is only possible when your basic IT is in order. On the other hand, inadequate IT can increase your business risks and even compromise your data security.

Many IT managers spend most of their time on running basic IT and have no capacity for development – even though basic IT, no matter how well it’s run, will not give your company a competitive edge.

It’s not unusual to think all the elements of IT management must be acquired and managed separately. Luckily, the opposite is true: you only need one partner to manage your whole basic IT as a service, for a monthly fee. Our pre-selected solutions and trusted partners cover all your company’s needs.

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