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Can Isaac Newton teach us something about Service Management?

Organizations get a fast track to ServiceNow and learn from each others’ service management knowledge by using the Sofigate Digitalization Platform

When our clients confess to us they are frustrated with service management, it is because they feel they have either too little or too much of it.

On one hand we meet companies that start building their service management from zero and feel lost in the myriad options and possible paths. What are the essential things to take into account? Which questions need to be solved right away and which ones can wait until later? Who to partner up with, how to delegate, and what to measure?

At the other end of the spectrum are companies that have already organized their service management processes, but their technical and business needs have evolved and grown through the years. Which systems interact together and is the interaction as efficient as it could be? What are the demands for each supplier and what is the common way of working with a large number of suppliers? Is data being utilized in a manner that is as smart as possible? Is service management truly helping or hindering the business?

Both types of frustrations are real and valid. And though they are different by nature, the solution to them can be found from a single source.

200 shoulders to stand on

The legendary scientist Sir Isaac Newton believed his groundbreaking innovations were possible because he was “standing on the shoulders of giants” – meaning he had learned from those who came before him and utilized existing information to come up with his own insights. We at Sofigate approach service management in this “Newtonian” way.

By the end of this year, we have consulted nearly 200 organizations of various different sizes and in various different fields in service management. Our clients are the giants whose shoulders we stand on – and whose shoulders our other clients can stand on. Together with our clients, we have compiled all possible situations and needs into the Sofigate Digitalization Platform which is a turnkey solution in all service management matters.

The Digitalization Platform is an ever-evolving library of service management best practices, templates, widgets and configurations. Whether your company is facing a blank slate or attempting to make sense of an overgrown service management jungle, the Digitalization Platform can help. Because it is based on real-life challenges and solutions of hundreds of different organizations, it can quickly offer the right pieces to succeed in a multivendor ecosystem. Using it is literally as easy as ticking boxes: you just choose the elements you need for your service management demands and Sofigate implements the updates to your environment. This allows you to focus on user experience and on implementing the change in your organization – in other words: getting the benefits!

Less configuring, quicker production

The year 2019 will be a crunch period when it comes to improving business processes by automation, AI and robotics. These challenges are being discussed in all boardrooms today – and they will be demanded of the technology teams tomorrow. The unfortunate truth is that many companies still have not organized their basic processes smartly enough and they are not mature enough to employ these new technologies to the fullest.

We strongly believe in cooperation and co-development: The IT Standard for Business has shown us the practical benefits of it in the past and now we are building another ecosystem around the Digitalization Platform with a similar philosophy. It saves both our and our clients’ time and resources if we can spend less time on the configuration phase of a service management project and get to the production phase quicker. By taking advantage of the elements accumulated from other organizations and employed through the Digitalization Platform library, we can speed up the process considerably and achieve the required level of maturity quicker.

In 2019, it makes no sense to let service management frustrate you when you can stand on the shoulders of 200 other organizations who have gone through it all before you.

About the author:

Juha Kujala works as CTO at Sofigate.