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Customer experience now: from standalone tools to a system of insight and engagement

Are you looking to build an outstanding customer experience? If so, you need a system of insight and engagement. It helps you keep your customers engaged throughout their journey to build loyalty, drive repeat purchases or other desired interactions, and collect valuable customer information.

What is the system of insight and engagement? It is a way to gather and use data effectively to build a unified and seamless customer experience. It is not about a single piece of packaged software. It is about a carefully planned, designed, and managed ecosystem consisting of systems, processes, and people for enabling data-driven, automated customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. In addition, it is definitely about clearly defining and describing the role of each system and the interactions between them.

A system of insight and engagement will produce all the data required for proactive and predictive marketing, sales, and customer service. It will also help you create the rich customer profiles which are so essential for more personalized customer relationship.

Gather insight at key touchpoints

Your customers engage with your company through various touchpoints. At each of these touchpoints, they are looking for service that is relevant, useful, and usable.

For you, each touchpoint provides the opportunity to gather information about your customers and enrich your customer profiles. In the system of insight and engagement, this information is known as insight: the information you gather about your customer from various data sources. If you use this insight effectively, you can create:

Insight must be generated and made available to all systems and processes that provide services directly to end-users – your customers, partners, loyalty program members, and employees. By doing this, you can improve the efficiency and results of your marketing, sales, and customer service. Perhaps more importantly, you can truly assist your customers, partners, and users.

Platform technology is great, but it is not enough

The leaders of modern, integrated customer experience platforms like Salesforce Customer 360 excel at offering a digital business engine enabling efficient customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty. As such, it also plays a vital role in activating the insight you have gathered and enriched.

Most of your existing customer experience tools work well as standalone systems: the marketing automation systems, commerce platforms, web content management systems, et cetera. But the fragmented nature of how these tools are often deployed, used and managed makes it very difficult to provide a seamless and unified customer experience. They need careful planning, design, and governance to do that. The system of insight and engagement, for example, in the form of an integrated customer experience platform plays its own important role here – bridging the gaps between different technologies.

The system of insight and engagement makes your customer experience a bliss

You remember, the system of insight and engagement is all about a carefully planned, designed, and managed ecosystem. To build a system of insight and engagement, you need to focus on and understand three key components or functional areas:

  1. identity management, which pulls together data on people, mapping IDs across multiple systems.
  2. a system of insight, which powers intelligent personalisation, essentially using all the data to understand the next best action a brand can take
  3. a system of engagement, which draws on insights to personalise experiences that touch the customer

If you want to have a more concrete discussion on the best practices for designing, building, and managing the system of insight and engagement, let’s have a meeting with a cup of coffee and go through your needs and requirements.