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Feature Highlights of the ServiceNow Quebec Release

ServiceNow came out with their Quebec release recently, which contains several exciting new features, such as a brand-new UI builder and tools for workforce optimisation. I have listed my top picks to help you grasp some of the benefits of upgrading to this release.

The new release offers new features and enhances existing ones. With this upgrade, it is easier than ever to ensure your organisation works smoothly and efficiently. If you wish to dive deeper into the new release, you can have a look at the Quebec release notes and if you wish to have a quick look into what is new, keep reading!

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Create a great user experience with Now Experience UI Builder

The Quebec release adds a brand-new UI builder, the Now Experience UI Builder. With it, ServiceNow users can create landing pages easily. The UI Builder also provides a full web user interface builder that shows the final UI while new workspaces and portals are created.

The Now Experience UI Builder boosts your ability to create great user experiences and as a result, make users happier. It will also help improve their productivity, and it has an out of the box library of useful components that can be used when building new pages.

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Improve business and IT process efficiency with Process Optimisation

ServiceNow’s new Process Optimisation feature helps key users of ServiceNow analyse the and improve the efficiency of their business and IT processes. Process Optimisation can help you improve processes in many ways. You can:

Increase productivity with Workforce Optimisation

You can bring the productivity of your organisation to a new level with ServiceNow Workforce Optimisation for ITSM. With it, you can forecast team demands based on historical data, make agent queues and agent schedules and take your teams’ skills and schedules in account when routing work assignments. Resourcing projects and tasks just became that much easier! The feature also gives you what you need to monitor team performance and give feedback using assessments.

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Build Service Portal catalog items easily with Service Catalog Builder

With ServiceNow’s new Service Catalog Builder solution you can create and edit catalog items on the Service Portal using a visual and guided experience. Templates can also be created that can then be used to create catalog items. With the help of the catalog builder UI you can:

Monitor platform health with Instance Scan

Keep a close eye on the health of your platform with ServiceNow’s new Instance Scan feature. You can also use it to identify opportunities for improvements. The scan checks existing configurations related to applications, update sets and specific records. Scan results are shown in a dashboard. Instance Scan can be helpful during operations, release management as well as pre- and post-upgrades.

The main features of Instance Scan include:

Provide a unified service experience with Universal Request

ServiceNow’s new Universal Request feature provides a unified service experience for requesters across all departments. After request creation agents can then manage those requests under one unified request and can collaborate with those unified requests and transfer them as required.

Universal Request main features for requesters and agents:

Make searching in lists easier with Natural Language Query Builder

ServiceNow’s new Natural Language Query Builder for Lists is a feature for users to search in lists without technical experience to query records of interest. Natural Language Query (NLQ) turns questions and requests into queries of records. The icon of this new feature in the ServiceNow back-end main UI is available next to the filter icon in list views.

Reports can also be created by entering a query instead of going through the Report Designer menu. This new feature is also supported by the Natural Language Query (NLQ) application, which now supports multiple languages.

These were only some of my top picks from many new and enhanced features in the Quebec release. If you would like to hear more about ServiceNow’s innovative apps, feel free to connect with me:! Or if you would like, read more about how we can help you with ServiceNow here.


Zalan Heil is a Business Executive at Sofigate Denmark. He has extensive experience working with ServiceNow solutions.