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Maximise value out of ServiceNow – Seven lessons from 1,000+ projects

We at Sofigate have delivered more than 1,000 successful projects where our customers have automated their services with ServiceNow. Based on our experience, we have now compiled our most important learnings into an easy-to-digest guide with seven lessons. Here is a summary of them.

Since 2009, we have been part of ServiceNow’s growth from the world’s best IT service management tool to what it was originally designed for: a platform for digital business. Over the years, we have cumulated lots of experience from customer projects.

This guide is a summary of our learnings and best practices. Below, you will find a sneak peek of the seven most important lessons we have learned from our 1,000+ ServiceNow projects. In the downloadable guide, we start each lesson with an old idea that is persistent in many organisations, then bust this myth and offer a better approach that helps you make the most out of service automation.

Make use of best practices to focus on what matters: human-centred design and service automation.

Seven lessons from 1,000+ ServiceNow projects in a nutshell:

  1. You need a platform-powered transformation.
    To get the most out of a digital platform like ServiceNow, your organisation must transform the way it operates. Your business leaders are crucial to success. They must lead the transformation.
  2. Service automation should be human-centred.
    Prioritising process efficiency and automation can turn on itself if it leads to a complex user experience. Plan in a human-centred way, and the benefits from service automation will follow.
  3. Use ServiceNow as a platform, not a point solution.
    Make full use of ServiceNow’s best-of-breed solutions by connecting your workflows. If platform thinking is new to your organisation, you must pay attention to communicating the opportunities it brings to others. Also remember to take care of platform governance.
  4. Transform your mindset.
    Requirements collection is a common way to start a project, but it will lead you astray if it is disconnected from your new tool. Conduct a fit gap analysis instead to start your transformation journey with ServiceNow.
  5. Choose no code and low code over pro code.
    Working with business platforms is different from traditional software development with professional coders. You can realise sustainable value from ServiceNow through no code and low code development with business technologists.
  6. What does platform governance have to do with innovation? Everything.
    Separate the roles of platform owner and platform customer to avoid conflicts of interest between different stakeholders. Good governance will deliver better alignment, shorter time-to-value and minimised risks.
  7. Don’t let resource scarcity limit your potential.
    Tackle DevOps resourcing obstacles by growing your team of developers with business technologists and Sofigate’s certified ServiceNow experts. Realise sustainable value from ServiceNow by building your organisation’s own transformation capability.

Making use of our Digitalization Platform Library of best practices allows you to focus on what matters: human-centred design and service automation. Not only does this save you time, cost and nerves, but lets you get into sync with the accelerating speed of change in your company’s operating environment.

If this piqued your interest, get in touch or download the guide, and you will hear from us soon.

Download the guide: Platform-powered transformations – Seven lessons from 1,000+ ServiceNow transformation projects

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The author

Juha Kujala is CTO in Sofigate’s Platforms business. His professional passion is to drive organisations towards better services by leveraging the potential of new technologies. Juha has strong experience in the ServiceNow platform and service management.