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Want to win in the marketplace? First, win the workplace.

If you’re questioning whether investing in the employee experience is worth the effort, then be prepared to lose talents that you spent time and money on acquiring and training.

With an ever-increasing demand for products and services, the amount of systems a company utilizes has never increased as rapidly as it does today but at the same time it’ll never increase as slowly ever again.

Without a holistic and agile way of looking at Enterprise Architecture and tying it back to user experience and creating a seamless, easy to use and rapid experience you are putting your company at risk.

The risk of losing talent that you spent time and effort on acquiring, training and getting productive simply because your internal IT ecosystems’ complexity is presented to your employees.

Hide the complexity of IT

As the amount of systems increase, you sometimes find yourself doing repetitive tasks in multiple systems which in turn reduces productivity.

In order to build a company that attracts the new talents entering the workforce, it is no longer enough to provide a salary and opportunities for personal growth in the workplace. Employees will come to demand a consumer grade experience at work.

What this means is that IT as a function needs to re-evaluate itself at its core.

So What?

As you’re re-imagining IT, think about the experience you expect as a consumer in the public marketplace. Ordering an Über, online shopping, getting food delivered or finding a room through Airbnb. Are you delivering the same experience for your employees?

Investing in employee experience at work means your employees will have more time to focus on the things that help drive your business forward, it’ll help you attract talent as your employees brag about how easy everything with IT is, it’ll enable them to focus their energy on delivering value instead of trying to figure out how to do things related to IT.

By leveraging the Business Technology Standard and the capabilities revolving Organizational Change Management, Enterprise Architecture, Ecosystem Development and Data Analytics and Integration, Sofigate can help you achieve increased employee satisfaction and productivity by hiding the complexity of IT through an immense knowledge of industry leading platforms to orchestrate work across the enterprise.

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