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What’s so special about Sofigate’s approach to transformation? 

We have partnered with SAP to make ERP transformation projects leaner and shorter. The new human-centric model also focuses on well-being – both for the people experiencing the transformation and the project team leading the implementation. 

ERP transformation projects are traditionally seen as complex and time-consuming. Our new model for delivering ERP transformation projects in partnership with SAP aims to change that perception. We implement business solutions based on no-code / low-code platforms – the fastest and most cost-efficient way to drive business value.  

The AI and low-/no-code platforms enable us to plan, design and develop business solutions much faster than before. Speed comes from a process where business leaders take part in the plan-design-develop sprints to make decisions on changes and do quality checks. Leaders can push the transformation forward with passion as they have gained in-depth knowledge and in-person experience of the solution. This is a concrete way for leaders to be involved and show examples of being early adopters. 

Hence, the new model gives business leaders a more active role as drivers of change. This results in leaner, shorter and more sustainable projects.  

Dare, Care, Grow

Yet it is not only the client’s bottom line that benefits from this approach. The new model also takes a stronger human perspective in leading SAP transformations and focuses on well-being, both for the people experiencing the transformation and the project team leading the implementation. That is why our own people find it more rewarding and, yes, human.  

Experienced SAP professionals who have recently joined Sofigate also see the model reflecting our values. It is based on openness towards clients (Dare), places high value on people both at our and at partner companies (Care), and targets growth, both personally and in business (Grow). 

As the AI revolution continues to gather pace, it’s not just transforming technology – it’s reshaping the very roles that bridge the gap between business and IT. This revolution is accelerating the time-to-value, giving birth to a dynamic new breed of professionals who are not just technologists, but strategic business transformers. They are adept at harnessing the power of AI to drive business transformation, while simultaneously scouting for fresh opportunities to advance business technology development.  

In its implementation methodology, we utilize SAP’s latest SAP integral AI capabilities to accelerate each step of business transformation from strategic capability mapping to each individual process design, with a cloud-first mindset aiming for high standardization solutions. 

“It’s all about desire to exceed expectations”

Rani Berg, who has a background as an SAP Key User/Process Development specialist, now works as a Business Transformation Advisor at Sofigate.  

“Many companies just deliver what the client wants without considering the big picture, and that is usually not the best way. At Sofigate, we always start with thinking about the end result we want to achieve and are not afraid to use common sense”, Rani says. 

“I personally take my work as seriously as if I owned the client company. It’s all about desire to exceed expectations.” 

Kirsi Sulasma has worked on SAP solutions in several companies before joining Sofigate in many program, project and delivery management related roles. Her attitude to partnerships is similar to Rani’s: 

“What really fascinated me was Sofigate’s bold approach to transformation. At Sofigate, we are not just suppliers to our clients. We are their strategic partners on a shared transformation journey – from beginning to end. We work together with our partners to plan, build, and implement solutions to help them grow their business”, Kirsi says.   

Harri Ruuska, Business Excecutive, SAP Transformation, also agrees. 

“We help customers to understand layers of business technology that can truly build differentiation capabilities and leave the rest to enjoy benefits of the subscription-based technology”, Harri says. 

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