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Alma Media chose Sofigate as their SAP partner

Business technology and digitalization expert Sofigate and media group Alma Media have signed a cooperation agreement where Sofigate will update Alma Media’s enterprise resource planning software SAP to the latest, cloud-based SAP S/4HANA. Sofigate will also be Alma Media’s partner in the reporting solution for SAP Business Warehouse. The cooperation agreement will include the system’s permanent services.

In January 2018, Sofigate strengthened their offering by acquiring Headstart, which specializes in enterprise resource planning softwares and cloud-based business solutions. The new business unit will now begin cooperation with Alma Media and help the media group move their business enterprise resource planning system to the cloud.

Alma Media chose Sofigate as their partner because they we’re looking for a one-stop solution for SAP.

“We wanted a concentrated solution where one supplier would deliver both the platform and the capacity services. We’re really excited to get to make the SAP engine part of latest technology,” said Taru Lehtinen, Director of Reporting and Planning at Alma Media.

According to Lehtinen, upgrading to the latest version of SAP and moving to the cloud means that Alma Media will acquire a more effective and faster database and a simpler information model. With these additions, the company can really begin the development of their business and management reporting.

“For us, it was vital to choose an ideally sized supplier whose service package stands out in a positive way. With Sofigate, we felt our voice is heard and needs are taken care of in an agile way that doesn’t involve much bureaucracy,” Lehtinen said.

Alma Media is one of the first companies to renew their enterprise resource planning software because in Finland, currently only a few companies are using the latest SAP S/4HANA system. In the next few years, similar system upgrades will become more common in Finland when all SAP customers will gradually become S/4HANA users.

“Alma Media is a noteworthy and digitalization-driven public company which will now be able to take their financial and business planning software to the next level. With the new solution, Alma Media will have access to real-time information and reports quickly, which means that decision-makers will get more real-time information to support their decision-making,” says Pasi Mantila, Head of Sofigate Business Technologies business area.

The project has already started for the system renewal and services. The full system is supposed to go into production at the end of this year, at latest.

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Pasi Mantila
Head of Sofigate Business Technologies business area
Tel. +358 50 330 9992