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Business Technology Standard, the latest open source development in CIO, CDO and CTO community: unified management model for digital, information and product technology management

The non-profit organization Business Technology Forum publishes an international, open framework called the Business Technology Standard. The standard can be freely used by anyone, and it is available at

Business Technology Standard continues the shared development work by Nordic companies and public organisations which has raised the profile of Nordic IT management to a higher international level. The framework, known previously as IT Standard for Business, has been completely renewed and updated to meet the needs of modern technology management.

“Information technology has expanded into business technology. Today, all business activities are bound to technology one way or another, and technology itself has become a business activity. ‘Business technology’ is therefore a fitting term for describing the expansion of information technology into all business activities,” says Katri Kolesnik, Head of Business Technology Forum.

Initiated by Sofigate, the Business Technology Standard has been developed in co-operation with Nordic large-scale enterprises and public organisations. Over a ten-year period, this co-operation has produced an open-source standard which has over 50,000 users globally.

“Most organisations have competent models for managing digital development, IT and product technology, yet no one really has a common management framework for all of them. This is precisely the need answered by the Business Technology Standard,” Kolesnik continues.

Unification of roles is the key to smooth co-operation

Each perspective of technology management has traditionally had separately-defined roles. This has resulted in the creation of various solutions and role titles which in turn have raised the threshold for co-operation. In reality, the tasks are very similar and even complement each other.

“We applied the terminology of the modern digital world to the information and product technology management tasks. The end result reforms traditional thinking. Simultaneously, it allowed us to realise that digital management models were missing various crucial roles. Now they can utilise these roles within the shared Business Technology Standard,” says Juha Huovinen, Chairman of the Board of Business Technology Forum.

The launch starts in Helsinki and the first companies are already adopting the standard.

Next launch event: Sweden, February 14th

The first launch for the Business Technology Standard took place at the annual event, Ultimate Business Technology Workout, in Helsinki on 16 January 2019. The second launch event will happen in Stockholm on 14 February during CIO Trends which highlight examples of the first organisation to implement the model globally. A roadshow and more launch events will follow. Stay tuned!

For more information, please contact:

Katri Kolesnik, Head of Business Technology Forum
+358 40 352 3623

Juha Huovinen, Chairman of the Board of Business Technology Forum
+358 40 507 3541