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Haaga-Helia and Business Technology Forum collaborate to grow business technology know-how

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Business Technology forum have signed a collaboration agreement on 29th of April 2021. The following collaboration opens new possibilities to develop business technology know-how in education. One of the goals of the collaboration is to build overall awareness and knowledge on the BT Standard.

Following the agreement Haaga-Helia will be able to apply the unique Business Technology Standard developed by the Business Technology Forum in a much more detailed way. The Business Technology Forum, in turn, receives new inspiration and development ideas from Haaga-Helia to further develop the model.

”Digitalisation is at the core of all operations and without it a business cannot thrive. The BT Standard gives students a practical wide lens view on how information technology ties into business and how it is developed in a business-oriented way. This helps our students gain a headstart in their career, as they already have the tools to utilise digitalisation”, comments Senior Lecturer Jari Hyrkäs, who is in charge of the collaboration at Haaga-Helia.

The Business Technology Model, BT Standard in short, is an opensource management framework, which can be used in planning, building and managing information technology in the midst of modern digitalisation. The Standard has been developed by the Business Technology Forum with its surrounding community.

”The core idea of the BT Standard is to ensure technology is harnessed in the best possible way through the whole company. This makes fulfilling customer wishes and needs a priority”, says Katri Kolesnik, Executive Director of the Business Technology Forum.

With the new collaboration, Haaga-Helia is granted the right to use the materials of the standard in teaching and the right to attend the BT Forum university events. The goal is to utilise the BT Standard as learning material and a practical framework for students to use in their future work.

”Thanks to the agreement we will be able to cooperate actively, which gives us broader access to the BT Standard materials. In turn, we can offer them new insights, development ideas and feedback on how to further develop the model”, Hyrkäs says.


For more information, please contact:

Katri Kolesnik

Excecutive Director

Business Technology Forum

+358 403523623


Jari Hyrkäs

Senior Lecturer


+358 294471444


The Business Technology Forum (or BT Forum) is a non-profit professional organisation consisting of a community of forerunner companies, and public organisations collaborating according to platform economy model. The BT Forum provides business and technology leaders with an open-source technology management framework called the Business Technology Standard, or BT Standard in short.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences trains professionals for business and services through education, research, and development.