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International Business Technology Standard celebrates its 10th anniversary – ”A joint effort of a strong community”

The Business Technology Standard is an open-source management framework to plan, build and run information technology in today’s technology-driven business world. In 2020, the standard, widely in use around the world, will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

In 2009, a new kind of community was born: Sofigate founded ICT Standard Forum and brought together Nordic forerunner companies and public organisations. Today this non-profit organisation is known as the Business Technology Forum.

The founders had recognised a need for a comprehensible method for business-driven information technology management. They decided to share their best management practices to create an open-source framework, available for anyone online.

Over a ten-year period, this cooperation has produced four editions of the management standard, the latest one, published in 2019, completely rewritten and titled the Business Technology Standard.

Currently, the framework has more than 50,000 users globally. It has become the de facto standard for business technology management.

According to Katri Kolesnik, Head of Business Technology Forum, the 10-year anniversary is a perfect moment to acknowledge the power of community.

”In our digitalised fast-paced world, openness and sharing is the way forward. The Business Technology Standard is a true joint effort of a strong community. Our members have always been there to enrich the framework with their best practices and to speed up development with their views. Thanks to the community, the Business Technology Standard is closely tied to real-life management needs,” Kolesnik says.

2020: An era of Business Technology

The different editions of the framework reflect the changes in the market during the last 10 years: the standard has evolved from ICT standard for management via IT Standard for Business to the Business Technology Standard.

”We have entered an era of business technology as technology and business have become inseparable. To succeed in the current competition, companies need to turn digital innovations into well-functioning, competitive, easy-to-use services and solutions. A professional business technology function ensures that companies are able to derive real value from technology, and ultimately, to serve their customers better.”

In 2020, Business Technology Forum will continue to develop the framework and welcome new organisations to join its growing development community. The Business Technology Forum also welcomes new partners to join the community and acquire the competence to help organisations to use and implement the Business Technology Standard’s models in practise.

The Business Technology Standard is available at

For more information, please contact:

Katri Kolesnik, Head of Business Technology Forum
Tel. +358 40 352 3623