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Mia Nikula appointed as Business Executive, Platform Transformations

Mia Nikula has been appointed as Business Executive for Platform Transformations. Nikula is a current talent at Sofigate and will move to the new position, effective from May 1st, joining at the same time the Management Team of the Transformations Stream. She is an experienced transformation leader with a background in the energy industry, strategy work, and business transformations.

“I am happy to see Mia Nikula step up as Business Executive. Her understanding of our business environment, strong standing with the customers, and experience in leading large transformations will all help her to a speedy start in the new role. Warm congratulations to Mia!”, says Sanna Suomela, Vice President, Transformations.

”I’m excited to continue the work we have started in Platform Transformations. I look forward to working with other business teams to see how Sofigate’s SAP Transformation story resonates with customers and as our SAP community grows into the largest SAP Transformation Center of Excellence in the Nordics. I’m also happy to continue the conversation with other business teams about how we can help with business transformations that are deploying Salesforce and ServiceNow platforms”, says Nikula.