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Minna Ruusuvuori joins Sofigate as Business Executive, Business Technology Projects 

Minna Ruusuvuori will join Sofigate as Business Executive to lead our Business Technology Projects business team, starting on August 1st, 2023. Ruusuvuori has 20+ years of experience in various sales and business leadership roles, where she built growth and successfully combined sales and marketing. She has worked for companies ranging from large enterprises to SMEs and has focused on digitalization and technology for much of her career. Ruusuvuori has a keen interest in better work-life and good leadership, and she is a co-host of a work-life podcast and an avid influencer around these topics.  

 ”I am delighted to welcome Minna Ruusuvuori to Sofigate. With her high sales drive, modern leadership style, and ambition for creating a better work-life, Minna is a valuable addition to our Transformations management team. Please join me in welcoming Minna to our team and supporting her as she begins this new chapter in her career as a Sofigator”, says Sanna Suomela, Vice President, Transformations.

“I am super excited to join Sofigate! I feel the company’s expertise, values, environment, and offering are in a league of their own in the market. I am passionate about integrating digitalization and technologies to drive business growth – the opportunities are almost limitless. As a leader, I strive for a better work-life and believe people matter the most;  happy, motivated people can conquer the world, provide the best customer experiences and build great businesses”, says Ruusuvuori.