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Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar joins Sofigate as Business Executive, Future CIO Office

Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar will join Sofigate as Business Executive of the Future CIO Office on 20th February to run Sofigate’s first truly international business team from the Stockholm office. In this role he will join the Management Team of the Transformations business.

During his career, Kretzschmar has focused largely on digital transformation, innovations and global strategy development. Prior to joining Sofigate Kretzschmar served The Absolut Company (part of Pernod Ricard) spearheading digital transformation, and Stora Enso heading digital commercial excellence.

“I am thrilled to rejoin Sofigate to serve and advise C-suite executives and other leaders of existing and future clients on how to seamlessly integrate business and technology for sustainable and scalable cost-to-serve optimisation and revenue generation”, Roland-Philippe says.

”The Future CIO Office represents great growth potential especially in Sweden and among Combient associated companies. Roland is a returning talent to Sofigate, during his absence he gained great insights from the customers’ perspective on building modern Business Technology organisations. Please join me in welcoming him back to the Sofigate family”, says Sanna Suomela, Vice President, Transformations.