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Sofigate acquires 3gamma to become the leading IT management company in the Nordics

Press release 7/2/17

Sofigate and 3gamma, two leading IT management companies in Finland and Sweden, join forces. The merger is a significant step in the realizing the companies’ vision of becoming the leading IT management company in Northern Europe. Through the merger, the joint company will be well-positioned for continued growth in Northern Europe and will be able to offer a broader range of specialized services to its customers.

Both Sofigate and 3gamma have successful growth histories. Sofigate has been the pioneer of IT management since 2003 and is currently employing 300 professionals in Espoo, Tampere, Oulu and Stockholm. Sofigate has invested in the development of IT management concepts and tools, which are integral parts of the company’s services.

3gamma, founded in 2008, provides independent technology strategy consulting and IT advisory services. The company has five offices in three countries: in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, Copenhagen and London. 3gamma currently employs 100 IT management experts.

Sami Karkkila, CEO of Sofigate, said: “Our merge with 3gamma is a significant strategic step on our journey to become Northern Europe’s leading IT management company. Our cultures and values have many similarities and we can offer our employees a unique growth platform, enabling their capabilities and passions to flourish. This serves our customers’ needs, as the companies’ offerings and geographical coverage complement each other. Sofigate and 3gamma are a perfect fit.”

According to 3gamma CEO Peter Wahlgren, the company is ready to seize the market opportunities with Sofigate.

Peter Wahlgren said: “Our customers are reimagining technology and the role of their IT organizations is changing. Traditional CIO organizations are being transformed and merging with CTO organisations. New CDO organizations need technology management competences. Through our merger with Sofigate, our team will be ideally positioned to support our customers in digitizing their businesses.”

The joint 3gamma and Sofigate will be headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Following Sofigate’s acquisition of 3gamma, the joint company consist of 400 IT management experts and has a pro forma revenue of 50 million euros in 2016. By 2020, the company aims to become the leading IT management company in Northern Europe, with a team of 750 experts and a revenue of 100 million euros.


Peter Wahlgren and Sami Karkkila


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