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Sofigate and MuleSoft join forces to integrate and transform customer data

Sofigate is strengthening its portfolio by partnering up with the world’s leading integration technology provider MuleSoft. The partnership aims to help companies understand and serve their customers and other stakeholders better.

“This partnership will help our customers accelerate the use of data in their business,” says Jani Rahja, Business Executive for Sofigate’s Business Automation.

“Nordic countries are transforming business technologies at speed. This transformation is driven by the desire to understand customers and employees even better. Smooth and secure integrations play an integral part in this real-time data adoption. Integration platforms and API solutions have become the new standard in modernizing data management between systems,” he explains.

“The world needs connectivity – connectivity between people, processes and data. We are excited about our partnership with Sofigate, which will help build this connectivity for our customers,” says Mikko Hupli, MuleSoft’s Country Lead for Finland, Norway and Iceland.

“Sofigate strengthens our ecosystem capability to turn customers’ business requirements to sustainable digital innovations and business technology solutions in the Nordics. These innovations and solutions help our customers to develop their business through transformations, pave the way for sustainability and improve operational excellence,” Hupli concludes.

For more information, please contact Jani Rahja, Business Executive, or Ari Oksanen, Customer Executive,