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Sofigate announced as BMC’s only Gold Partner in the Nordics

Sofigate offering consists of BMC’s digital service management solutions and Sofigate’s own product ‘Cityforce’, which is a Remedyforce based cloud solution for cities.

Solutions provider BMC Software has announced Sofigate as its only Gold Partner in the Nordic countries. Globally, Sofigate is now among the top 30 partners. In practice, a Gold Partnership means that BMC acknowledges Sofigate’s excellence in delivering BMC’s products and related services with good quality, efficiently and with high customer satisfaction.

With BMC’s solutions organisations can digitalise their service management processes. Sofigate has also developed a separate solution named Cityforce, which is based on Remedyforce. It is especially targeted at small and mid-sized cities. Cityforce can be used for managing various service requests and automated task management. In addition to IT matters, Cityforce can also be used outside of IT, like financial and HR services. Remedyforce and Cityforce are both built on the Salesforce cloud platform.

”The biggest advantage of Remedyforce is that it is suitable for both small and large organisations. This is because it is scalable and easily adjustable to the size of organisation. The platform is available 24/7 and, with it, the task and service level management can be done with proper quality and transparently,” says Olli Halttunen, Business Executive at Sofigate.

Sofigate has expanded its portfolio of BMC products year by year. In addition to Remedy, Remedyforce and Cityforce, Sofigate currently also offers BMC’s Control-M, Digital Workplace and Discovery solutions and related expertise. Control-M is a solution for workflow automation, while Digital Workplace enables businesses to improve employee productivity and customer experience by connecting solutions via a flexible user interface. By using Discovery, organisations gain visibility to hardware and software infrastructure and component level relationships.

Sofigate has been BMC’s partner since 2014. Currently, tens of Sofigate’s customers utilise BMC’s solutions.