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Sofigate expands its operations to Norway – aims to capture significant market share

Sofigate, the Nordic region’s first and largest ServiceNow partner, expands its operations to Norway. The company previously extended its presence to Denmark in 2017 and Sweden in 2014 and is now looking for fast growth in Norway.

Sofigate has great ambitions for the Norway expansion, and the company aims to be among the three largest ServiceNow consultancies in the country by 2026. Along with the Nordic focus, Sofigate seeks to grow into a significant ServiceNow player in Europe.

Founded 20 years ago in Finland, Sofigate has grown to be the leading ServiceNow partner in the Nordics with over 1,000 projects and 250 clients, around 800 employees, and an annual revenue of over 145 million euros.

The growing demand for ServiceNow business technology services in Norway has prompted Sofigate to make the decision to invest in the country, even though many companies in the industry are downsizing or, at best, prioritising margin over growth.

“The ServiceNow partner market has been very static in Norway, and there is a strong need for a new player in the field. We are positioning ourselves to serve large and medium-sized clients in Norway, a success we have maintained in the other Nordic countries for nearly two decades,” says Sofigate VP for ServiceNow Platform, Janne Rekonen.

First clients already signed in Norway

Sofigate is looking to gain market share by leveraging its unique business transformation model, where it helps clients through the whole business transformation process from start to finish. Sofigate has a unique competence in combining service design with leading platform capabilities and a solid track record of delivering successful transformation projects in large global organisations.

“We have our change and transformation experts sitting together and working closely with platform and development experts. This collaboration ensures that we can truly support our clients with a unified perspective in their business transformation, a practice not adopted by our competitors in Norway,” says Erik Aas Johansen, new Sofigate Norway country lead.

Johansen joins Sofigate from Fluido Norway, where he led the consultancy from a loss to becoming a margin winner with satisfied clients and employees.

Sofigate has already signed major clients in Norway. “We won Norwegian clients even before establishing an office in the country. Now, with a full operation in place, we are confident in our ability to capture more market share. Our primary focus in Norway is to forge partnerships with clients, providing value-added collaboration beyond pure IT services,” Johansen says.

Nordic hybrid delivery model gives clients access to 800 experts across the Nordics

These growth ambitions are reflected in Sofigate’s DNA. Sofigate’s hybrid delivery approach is based on a Nordic model where consultants work across national borders. This gives Norwegian clients access to close to 800 experts from any Nordic country, allowing projects to scale up with the expertise clients require.

“Our teams are truly cross-border, and we are able to choose the right experts for our clients from any of our operating countries very easily and smoothly,” Johansen says.

“We must grow with the right type of clients and the right type of employees. We can offer our employees a distinct work life and the opportunity to genuinely shape our customers’ businesses and society,” Johansen says.

More information:

Erik Aas Johansen
Country Lead
Sofigate Norway

Janne Rekonen
VP, ServiceNow Platform
Sofigate Group