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Sofigate extends collaboration with Engineers Without Borders Sweden through Sofigate’s Trainee Program

As a way of contributing to a better society, we at Sofigate are engaging in projects together with non-profit organizations that we believe are having a positive impact on the world around us. We strive to use our professional knowledge within Business Technology to deliver excellent value with high quality and service to all our clients and promote sustainability, equality, and global development. We live our values – Dare, Care & Grow. 

As of 2020, Sofigate has been a trusted partner for the non-governmental organization Engineers Without Borders Sweden (EWB-SWE), supporting in several areas related to their business technology.

What is Engineers Without Borders? 

EWB-SWE is striving to make a long-term impact in the work towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by addressing challenges linked to inequality and global development. For over 15 years, EWB-SWE has been driven by a single goal: to build a sustainable future for communities around the world. With sustainability and long-term thinking as guidance, they mobilize engineering expertise to provide innovative solutions, empower communities today and ensure their resilience tomorrow. 

Sofigate and EWB – Business value through technology management 

During 2022, a project was completed to streamline and reinforce IT Operations at EWB-SWE, by identifying and setting efficient, yet long-term solutions and processes that are adapted for EWB-SWE’s organization. With that set, it was time to put operations into practice and create business value through a well-managed technology management. To ensure that, an IT team was established consisting of Business Technology experts from Sofigate and volunteers and members from EWB-SWE. By adapting agile frameworks, the team worked in sprints to deliver business value through business technology. 

”Sofigate has played a central role in building our technology capacity since the start of our collaboration and we are grateful for their continuous commitment and proactiveness in delivering support and expertise in this area”

Noemie Gonzales, Head of Corporate Partnership & Fundraising at EWB-SWE 

In September 2022, the 9th edition of Sofigate Trainee Program in Sweden started. As part of the program, the trainees have been contributing to the important work done in EWB-SWE through three different projects. Through involvement in scoped assignments with support and guidance from Rebecca Fjällborg, Business Technology Manager, and Leonard Bogojevic, Business Technology Senior Analyst, as internal sponsors, the trainees got the opportunity to develop consulting competencies and gain consulting experience from start – leading to a steep development curve.

You can read more about the Sofigate Trainee Program here.

”The trainees offered invaluable insights on three key areas that will help us grow as an organization and be more efficient. Their recommendations and clear roadmap are serving as a springboard and the work has already started within our international projects”

Noemie Gonzales, Head of Corporate Partnership & Fundraising at EWB-SWE

How our trainees supported EWB in creating business value

Our trainees carried out three projects for EWB:  

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