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Sofigate introduces a new, human way of delivering ERP transformation projects in partnership with SAP

Sofigate has introduced a new model for delivering ERP transformation projects in partnership with SAP. The new model takes a stronger human perspective in leading SAP transformations and gives business leaders a more active role as drivers of the change – resulting in leaner, shorter and more sustainable projects where people feel well and supported.

Focusing on human capabilities is crucial to future ERP projects 

“ERP transformation projects can be seen as time-consuming and complex.  We at Sofigate want to challenge this assumption. With our new model, we will show that an SAP transformation can be much faster, even lovable – if implemented with the right methods”, says Sanna Suomela, Head of Business, Transformations at Sofigate.

“Low-code and no-code solutions are changing our industry, and new developments in artificial intelligence will increase the speed of change further. It is now more important than ever to put people at the centre of your SAP transformation. We ensure that the people whose work is being transformed can focus on what really matters: creating a vision, communicating it, collaborating to implement your strategy and reaching business goals”, says Harri Ruuska, Business Executive, Head of SAP Transformations at Sofigate.  

“Sofigate has created a human-centric transformation approach where SAP is supporting with deep SAP skills focusing on a fit-to-standard approach and therefore faster time to value”, says Christian Ekblom, Cloud Success Services Country Manager at SAP Finland.

The new model also focuses on increasing well-being, both for the people experiencing the transformation and the project team leading the implementation.

“Our approach to transformation enables faster project rollouts. Shorter projects feel more rewarding: people can see concrete results and business benefits come to life in day-to-day work fast. Sofigate’s open-source implementation methodology, the Business Technology Standard, provides a co-creative way of working that is all about value creation. Agility everywhere and minimum viable governance ensure a fast time to market cadence”, Suomela explains. 

The industry best practice framework guarantees future-proof results fast

The new model is based on and managed with the Business Technology (BT) Standard. It is an industry best practice and an open-source management framework for planning, building, and running digital businesses and operations. The BT Standard has a new extension focusing on ERP project implementations, which helps to define the main task blocks, roles and best practices. The framework has been developed together with the SAP user and technology provider community.

In the new partnership, Sofigate and SAP Finland work as competence partners, forming a unique combination of Nordic transformation management expertise and the best German technology practices. In the partnership, Sofigate leads the transformation capability, including transformation preparation, global template creation and management such as rollouts and business change management. SAP takes care of the technical feasibility of the solution. The development of the solution will be mainly carried out by a third party.

“This partnership is an important milestone for Sofigate. We are happy and proud to start a new chapter in SAP transformations”, Ruuska says.

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Harri Ruuska
Business Executive, Sofigate