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Sofigate partners with MPS to bring a unique M&A service to the market

Sofigate has partnered with MPS, an internationally operating leadership and career lifecycle specialist, to strengthen its M&A-related offering for companies. The objective of the partnership is to complement Sofigate’s strong know-how of Business Technology with MPS’ comprehensive People Analytics and strategic culture & management fit and integration experience. Sofigate and MPS can now offer companies a unique service, covering technology, people, culture, and processes.

“According to research, 70 to 90% of all M&As fail and most typically the reason is around technology-related integrations or culture-related mismatch. The Sofigate-MPS partnership enables a thorough analysis of the target company’s organizational culture and technological capabilities. This kind of complete service is a new approach in the market, and I see that it offers huge value as part of the Due Diligence process and in ensuring a successful transaction,” says Mikko Saari, Vice President, at Sofigate.

” This is a unique way to analyze and reduce management, culture, and technology risks in M&A processes. We help companies to understand the culture and management risks in the change process by providing a thorough analysis of the target company. This will help identify growth potential and possibilities for ongoing evaluations says Jussi Kärkkäinen, Leader of the Banking & Finance segment, at MPS Executive & Board”   

More information:

Mikko Saari
Vice President, Sofigate
+358 46 9200 684

Jussi Kärkkäinen
Leader of Banking & Finance segment, MPS Executive & Board
+358 41 468 6341