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Sofigate revamps Netox’s service management system and helps drive development

Sofigate and total IT services provider Netox have entered into an agreement under which Sofigate will provide Netox with a ServiceNow service management solution and accelerate the organisation’s project development management.

The Finnish IT company Netox wanted to modernise its operating models and service management systems on a fast schedule, as the current system did not support the company’s growth goals and customer needs. Netox’s aspirations included a platform that is a market leader and whose capabilities do not run out. The aim was to create an entity that makes it possible to gain more transparency in the organisation’s services and at the same time lead project development.

The ServiceNow service management system suited Netox’s needs and therefore Sofigate will provide Netox with the ServiceNow service management solution and its implementation, as well as project development tools and ongoing services.

“Sofigate helped us drive development on a tight schedule: together we modernised our entire operating models and service management systems,” says Mikko Luhtaniemi, CEO of Netox Oy.

The collaboration began in the summer, and the ServiceNow solution has already been implemented in the company. Currently the companies are focusing on project management and Sofigate is sparring Netox in leading the development.

“Netox wanted not only to improve its service management, but also the way that it is managed. It is important that the entire service management chain runs smoothly starting from the idea up to the project and service. We were able to meet Netox’s needs with ServiceNow and to move the service management system from the old to the new in a short amount of time. At the same time, we revamped Netox’s processes based on Sofigate’s best practices,” says Janne Rekonen, Managing Director of Sofigate Services.