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Design and deliver services that are human-centred and largely automated.

Human-centred digital services with Service Management

We all remember when we have received bad service, or no service at all, and how frustrating that can be. When things do not flow, it distracts us from what we want to focus on and prevents us from performing at our best.

Services can be a great way to simplify delivery of complex outcomes for your customers, employees and other stakeholders. Instead of asking for help through different channels and manually coordinating work across silos, automated workflows can deliver services that are easy to consume for customers, but also efficient to produce for your organisation.

To create a great service experience you must shift your mindset: instead of designing services from a siloed point of view, put the human in the centre. This calls for human-centred planning and large-scale service automation.

Why service management and automation

While the service experience should be simple and human-centred, systems and processes that produce them typically are not. They span across department and company borders and can be tough to manage.

To address this challenge, many best practices have been established, and service management has been recognised as a critical success factor in today’s business environment.

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Automated workflows improve customer experience and boost efficiency

A modern service management platform has become the third essential system for any organisation, alongside CRM and ERP. It is often referred to as ESM, Enterprise Service Management. ESM focuses on moving work from ad hoc emails, chats, calls and spreadsheets to intelligent workflows that make the work flow.

Leading organisations have built seamless workflows all the way from customer service to all internal support services and the wider ecosystem of partners and technology. With a modern service management platform, you can lead and manage services in a largely automated manner. Neither the people consuming the services and the people producing the services have to deal with the complexity of tools and systems.

In a nutshell, modern service management platform can help to achieve the following:

Excellent experience for both customers and teams producing services

Largely automated and intelligent workflows across the extended enterprise

Agility in responding to emerging needs and opportunities with AI and low-code/no-code development

We partner with ServiceNow, the world’s leading service management platform, to modernise services for your customers and employees.

Since 2009, Sofigate has delivered more than 1,000 successful ServiceNow projects where our customers have digitalised services and automated workflows with ServiceNow. We have been part of ServiceNow’s growth from the world’s best IT service management tool to what it was originally designed for: a service platform for digital business.

Why you should partner with Sofigate

With Sofigate, you can achieve fast time-to-value, as our delivery model is strongly concept-based. Our Digitalization Platform Library contains the best practices we have collected from our 1,000+ ServiceNow projects.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we focus on human-centred design and service automation. Not only does this save time, cost, and nerves, but lets you get into sync with the accelerating speed of change.

Sofigate is the most transformative ServiceNow partner in the market. We deliver the full set of services around ServiceNow:

  • Strategic advisory
  • Implementation projects
  • Customer care
  • Training
  • Licensing
  • DevOps teams
  • Innovation

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