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Engage people to get real value from customer experience

We help you harness the power of people and technology to create a better human experience for your customers.

Create business value from sales and marketing automation

Most companies use some kind of digital customer relationship management tool. However, many of them are not convinced that they are making the most of the technology. Usually, the problem is not the software but the way people are using it – or not using it.

Extracting business value from sales and marketing automation will only become a reality when the people in your organisation commit to a new way of working. Conversely, even the smoothest platform will only bring results when it supports day-to-day work.

Our approach to customer experience involves taking a wider perspective. We use service design methods to engage the right people from start to finish, and to help you focus on solving the right problems. Our technology specialists help you select the right tools, while our experts in leadership and project management support a successful implementation. We also help you with continuous development.

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How to create an outstanding customer experience

When creating the best customer experience possible, it is important to pay attention to the following areas:

Transformation(al) leadership

To make sure that your company realises the benefits of business technology, your business leaders must commit to leading technology. Business and IT must work together.

Scalable operating model

To commit people to using the technology, you need the right processes, roles and responsibilities. We believe in the Business Technology Standard – an open-source technology management model.

Cloud-based platforms

World-leading platform technologies are intuitive to use and can be customised to match your needs through low-code and no-code development. Buying technology as a service means you benefit from the investments of software giants like Salesforce and ServiceNow, and that your solution is scalable.

Sofigate Juha Kujala ja Laura Raesmaa

Service design

Using service design methods and design thinking plays an important role in engaging personnel, customers and other users in the creation of a human-centric technology solution.

Technology solutions that support excellent customer experience

We have selected world-leading platform technologies that we can warmly recommend to our customers.


Salesforce is more than just a CRM system. It’s a platform for building a holistic customer experience and creating a better overall human experience.

Here’s what our agile and transformative teams in Finland, Sweden and Poland can help you with:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Digital experience
  • Customer service
  • Field service management
  • Fundraising


ServiceNow enables you to create digital workflows and automate enterprise services such as IT, HR, Finance and Facility Management.

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • customer service
  • ordering,
  • tracking of service requests

How we work with you

Step 1:


Starting out, you might already use ServiceNow and/or Salesforce but you’re eager to maximize the value out of the chosen platform.

Or you can start your journey with business platforms from scratch with us.

Step 2:


Typically, our collaboration starts with design phase, where key business and IT stakeholders get together with us, and together we build a target state, outline desired future capabilities and agree on prioritization. The design phase equips your key business people to lead the transformation better – instead of having consultants lead it for you.

Step 3:


Upon starting the implementation phase, we clearly agree on key roles, responsibilities and ways of working. The teams get to know each other in a project kick-off. Our Project Manager is your key contact person, who ensures that the project is completed in schedule and with great results.

Step 4:


The implementation project is run in 2-3 week agile sprints. You will be kept close to the development e.g. by validating progress by sign-offs and ensuring user acceptance testing before go-lives. We ask frequent feedback on the project to further improve our high customer satisfaction and accelerate transparency in our collaboration.

Step 5:

Training & Support

End-users will be thoroughly trained to use the solution in an efficient manner.

Service & support are ready for the users.

Step 6:


Solution is now in use but it’s just the beginning. Developing the roadmap and platform continues together with the business and technology teams. Our application management services and assigned customer success manager maximize value by continuous, business-driven development of the platform. The focus is on running and maintaining (incl. Solution center that handles service requests) but also developing and implementing new features as per earlier agreed prioritization, new version releases and business target setting.

Step 7:

Continuous development

We arrange innovation workshops and other events where your key business and IT people get together to hear the latest possibilities the chosen platform has to offer. We handle latest version releases along continuous service backlog management. The development velocity is set to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Why customer experience matters

Customer experience is a critical success factor in a digital business environment. Your business will stand out from competitors when the user experience is seamless and smooth, and when customers are given personalised service that matches their needs.

Here’s why you should focus on building an excellent human experience:

  • Smooth, user-friendly platforms are taken into full use more easily. The investment is more likely to pay off when your customers and personnel actually want to use the technology, and when they know how to use it the right way.
  • Marketing and sales are more likely to yield results when they are based on accurate data and customer insight. Offer the right customers the right products and services at the right time.
  • Managing customer acquisition, retention and loyalty becomes easier and more cost-effective. Automation allows your experts to focus on what is meaningful – the tasks that only humans can do.

Why should you partner with Sofigate

We are your trusted partner in digital transformation. We help you to understand what can be achieved with the state-of-the-art software and what added value the platforms provide to your customers.

We offer concrete solutions to your problems with customer experience and automatisation, and help you to dig deep into the core of customer service, marketing, and sales.

Harnessing the power of technology will save time, cost and nerves for everyone, and offer a better human experience for your customers.