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You have heard of them: The Failed Business Transformations. They happen when other people, not business leaders are in charge. But you know your business best. You should take charge of the transformation. 

What does business technology transformation look like in practice? It can look like renewing your ERP with new processes, automation, and AI, for example. You will have a clearer view of what is essential in your business – a product or a service, for example – and how to refine it. Whatever form transformation takes, to succeed you will need the right tools and ways of working. This is where we can help.

Regardless of your business area, a successful business technology transformation can bring you:

  • Expanding product lines
  • New business opportunities
  • More efficient production
  • Clearer understanding of your core capabilities
  • Clarified vision the ideal target state
  • Better understanding of your customers

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All organisations will have to step up their operations from time to time.

This change can be about taking a leap into the era of digitalisation with new business models and systems or for example renewing an ERP solution with modern processes, automation, and AI.

Whatever the details of the transformation, you will have a major change ahead. It may feel like having to climb a high mountain wall to reach the green field of a modern and more competitive business.

Transforming from the ground level up to the envisioned level is a major challenge that goes far beyond the daily duties and competence needs of an organisation. It is a major investment, and yet you cannot buy new thinking and the actual business transformation with money.

You can buy solutions and consultancy. However, unless you and your people design the new operations and lead the transformation yourself it will be just a costly recapture of your legacy way of working, just with modern systems. It might also become a costly transformation to something new that your people did not design or commit to.


Simply put: The key to success is to help business leaders like you take the driver’s seat.

This means that design methods have to be suitable for you and solution implementation is done with practices that are optimal for business people. It means that we use less complex methods and practices.

People are much more than passive objects, they are doers – The key players in a successful transformation. They should have the time and means to do the thinking and challenge the legacy; they have the knowledge to benefit from the industry’s best practices.

The success will come with a stretched learning curve where the solution meets the new targeted and well-thought-out reality. To reach this goal, the collaboration of business leaders and transformation professionals is crucial.

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