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Artificial intelligence is the new basic skill that every professional must master

Sofigate has set a goal for every employee in the company to use AI in their daily work by the end of 2023. The aim is to achieve a significant productivity gain and improve the efficiency of work tasks through AI. At the same time, the company will ensure that every employee is capable of performing increasingly demanding tasks.

The rapid development of generative AI will allow experts to focus on more impactful tasks. Productivity will improve as experts’ time is freed up to focus on core tasks. The responsibility for the quality of work will remain with the experts, and the value delivered to customers will increase.

Sofigate has adopted an organic learning model for its operations, which is also applied to the use of AI. Today, it is estimated that half of Sofigate’s 800 employees use AI in their work. The company has launched an internal coaching programme where the most advanced AI users support and coach those who are just starting to use AI.

The employer covers the cost of AI services in the same way that it offers a phone subscription or lunch benefit. The company is committed to continuous innovation, testing new platforms and evaluating the benefits of each tool according to the workload.

Sofigate’s vision

“AI will bring two major changes: the concept of time will change, and professionals will gain superpowers. With AI, projects that used to take months will now be completed in hours, days or weeks at most. AI will activate human creativity, and equality will be better achieved as everyone becomes a good communicator, regardless of talent or language background.

Superpowers and large corporations can invest billions in AI. Finland and Finnish companies do not have the practical capacity to do so. Instead, we need to be the best at applying AI and making it available to everyone at a reasonable cost. Just as internet access is available in every home, and at work a mobile phone automatically comes as an employment benefit. Society’s services and competitiveness require them,” says Sami Karkkila, CEO of Sofigate.

“Sofigate has embarked on an AI journey together with its employees because we want to be part of the change and believe that AI will make work more efficient, strengthen the employee experience and enable us to deliver better value to our customers. We have already estimated that within the next year, we will be in a position where it will be difficult to perform at our target level in demanding specialist work without AI. We will also share our experience of using AI with customers. Our goal is that the value experienced by our customers will increase dramatically with AI,” Karkkila continues.

Sofigate’s AI theses in a nutshell:

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