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Netcontrol chose Sofigate and SAP Business ByDesign

Netcontrol, an international energy network automation company, has chosen Sofigate and SAP Business ByDesign to help the company reach its future growth targets. With help from Sofigate experts, the company has started a business technology transformation. The transformation will result in improved real-time control and visibility to business and improved decision-making with centralized data and common business processes.

According to Netcontrol, a recommendation from Fidelix played an important role in the partner and solution selection. Tero Kosunen, Fidelix CEO, introduced Sofigate as their trusted partner, and SAP Business ByDesign as their business growth platform of choice to Mikael Nordman, Netcontrol CEO. Sofigate and Fidelix begun their partnership in 2018.

“In Netcontrol we saw a need to improve the transparency of our business processes and decision making. We have companies in five countries, we offer products, projects, and services to energy companies, hence our business processes are quite complex. To be able to manage the company more efficiently, a new ERP system needed to be implemented. When looking for a new system that would fulfill our business requirements, the previous cooperation between Fidelix and Sofigate in implementing the SAP Business ByDesign played an important role in the decision making. Changing an ERP system is a big task for any organization, and good references are therefore important. Our co-operation with Sofigate has started very well and has met our expectations. We look forward to bringing the system to life in the coming months with the help of our dedicated staff and the experts from Sofigate”, says Nordman.

“We believe that small and medium-sized companies can benefit from and gain competitive advantage with modern world-class business solutions. By utilising best practices and standard business scenarios, they can harmonise and digitalise processes”, says Sari Mikkonen, Business Executive at Sofigate.

Sofigate’s pragmatic approach enables faster time to value and predictable build and run costs for the business core renewal. Organisations can scale, automate, and extend their business processes with new functional and technical innovations as needed at a later stage and keep the core solution as standard.

A comprehensive Nordic partner in business transformation and SAP Business ByDesign

As part of the collaboration, Sofigate provides Netcontrol with the necessary software licenses, project delivery expertise, and continuous support services for further development needs. These will help Netcontrol reach key business objectives, such as improved real-time control and visibility to the business and faster decision making based on fact-based data in one core solution.

The project includes five operating countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, and Latvia) with comprehensive solution scope and common end-to-end business processes including projects, sales, purchasing, field service, supply chain, financials, prioritised integrations, and localisations.

“We are really happy about the well-started partnership with team Netcontrol, their professionalism related to SAP Business ByDesign implementation project, and about the long-term partnership and trust with team Fidelix as well’, Mikkonen says.


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Sari Mikkonen

Business Executive, Sofigate


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