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Sofigate and Benemen are developing a new voice channel solution to improve the service production of organisations

Telephone systems merge into service platforms

Telephone system management is often separate from a company’s other customer and service management systems. Sofigate and Benemen are responding to this problem by offering a new SaaS-based solution that saves resources, streamlines data flow and improves service production quality and the customer experience.

In many companies, voice and data services are their own entity and are separate from other systems where customer information or communications are managed. In customer service, it can still be commonplace to have one system for calls and another for customer management and service production. A company salesperson cannot see from CRM who has been in contact with the customer by phone and when.

Sofigate and Benemen are responding to this by integrating the voice channel solution seamlessly into CRM and service management systems. The purpose of the collaboration being launched now is to integrate Benemen’s voice and data solutions into Sofigate’s offering of technology services. Sofigate uses ServiceNow and Salesforce technology for developing service automation and streamlining work for its customers.

From the customer’s point of view, the change means that in the future, things such as user experience and the work efficiency of customer service organisation employees will improve. Calls will be processed in the same system as other functions relevant to customer service, and the data collected from them can also be transparently stored in the same place.

For example, a user support company can use the solution to form different customer groups and ensure that calls classified as VIP customers will be moved ahead of the queue, for example.

“With this solution, we can help our customers develop the quality of their own customer service. Based on an incoming call, the customer, and possibly also the reason for contact, can be identified in the service management systems even before the call is answered. Our new service offering also makes life easier for our customers and reduces the risk associated with integrating different systems. Sofigate will take overall responsibility for software coordination and related support, so that customers can focus on the core issues of service production,” says Antti Erkama, Sofigate’s Business Executive responsible for the new service offering.

The collaboration is also intended to make life easier for Sofigate’s customers in the organisation of all data and voice services. As Benemen is a telephone operator, customers can order all necessary data and telephone services, such as SIM cards for all staff, along with the overhaul of customer service systems.

“Talking has always been the most important form of communication. It will continue to be so, because talking can bring emotion and a human touch to the customer service situation. We offer the smartest voice technology on the market for improving dialogue between businesses, customers and other people. It’s time to modernise the way we talk, and we are a pioneer in this area,” says Benemen Head of Sales Heikki Veijola.


For more information, please contact:

Antti Erkama, Business Executive, Sofigate
Puh. 040 756 3954

Heikki Veijola, Head of Sales, Benemen
Puh. 040 922 6029


Sofigate is an expert company specialising in business technology change. We help our customers develop the interplay of business and technology: to design, build and implement technology solutions that support business. We use pioneering platforms such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Google Cloud. We employ 600 management and business technology professionals in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Benemen is a new-era telecom operator that provides smart and learning cloud-based communication services for medium and large companies. By combining all of a company’s communication channels into one service, Benemen helps them improve customer retention, increase sales, improve operational efficiency and reduce telecommunication costs. Benemen is headquartered in Helsinki, and the main focus of its operations is the Nordic countries.