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Sofigate in 2018: The emergence of a modern technology company – working with clients to execute technology transformation

Sofigate continued its rapid growth in 2018 – with sharp focus on business technology management. The company’s turnover grew by 22% since the previous year, exceeding 80 million in 2018.  Sofigate strengthened its position as a leader to introduce modern business technologies to its clients, and completed two strategic acquisitions creating a solid foundation for future international growth.

CEO Sami Karkkila says: “Last year our headcount increased by 200 new employees. Currently we are 550 top class professionals working in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. We have built a very strong Nordic platform foundation and we are focused on maximising value for our customers.”

The customer value will be created through the seamless cooperation between Sofigate’s two business areas: Management Services and cloud-based Technology Solutions. We work with our clients’ management teams to renew their operating models and to introduce cutting edge technologies to transform their businesses at a rapid speed.  Sofigate itself has undergone a technological transformation and renewed its leadership model to better serve its clients and to create maximum added value for them.

“The market environment and the competitors for all of our clients are renewing themselves faster and faster. Those who succeed are the ones who understand the significance of business technology as a key factor for competitive advantage. With our unique expertise and combined skill set we will be able to bring globally utilised business technology platforms to the core of overall management and operating functions of our clients, enabling the speedy and effective implementation of technology driven transformation processes”, Sami Karkkila says.