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Sofigate receives ServiceNow’s EMEA Elite Segment Partner of the Year award – ”Sofigate leads the ‘Business Transformation’ in the Nordics”

ServiceNow, the world’s leading company for business automation platforms, has granted awards to its best partners.  Sofigate, which has pioneered the utilisation of ServiceNow technology in the Nordic countries for more than a decade, was awarded the title of EMEA Elite Segment Partner of the Year.

Sofigate started cooperating with ServiceNow in 2009 as the first actor in the Nordic countries. By awarding Sofigate with the EMEA Elite Segment Partner of the Year title, ServiceNow recognises Sofigate’s long-standing, committed work as the trailblazer for the ServiceNow market in Europe.

“Congratulations to our partner Sofigate for winning the most prestigious ServiceNow award: EMEA 2021 Elite Partner of the Year. From being our first partner in the early days, today Sofigate leads the ’Business Transformation’ in the Nordics and works shoulder-to-shoulder with the ServiceNow teams to significantly increase our business across the Nordics. Sofigate has a proven track record when it comes to deep knowledge and loyalty to ServiceNow. This is a well-deserved recognition and we are extremely proud to work with them across the Nordics“, says Eelco Wanders, ServiceNow’s Senior Director Alliances & Channel Benelux & Nordics.

In the initial phase of the cooperation, the projects were about improving the efficiency of IT service management. Soon, the utilisation of ServiceNow was expanded to the companies’ entire service management, as Sofigate and customers found that the same processes and models applied also to other functions. In recent years, Sofigate has entered a new phase in harnessing ServiceNow’s potential: the era of digital transformation and automation of business.

“ServiceNow is a modern business platform that adds value to our customers’ commercial activity from day one. Today, we utilise ServiceNow technology in managing entire ecosystems: including digital workflows, employee experience, customer experience, partners, automation of routine work and enhancing the entire business,” says Janne Rekonen, Sofigate’s director responsible for ServiceNow operation.

In ten years, Sofigate has grown its ServiceNow business to EUR 50 million and built the largest ServiceNow competence centre in the Nordic countries, employing 200 people. Sofigate has many enterprise level and public sector customers in the Nordics.

Sofigate aims to double the size of its ServiceNow business to EUR 100 million in the next few years. Growth is driven not only by the increase in work automation, but also by Sofigate’s operating philosophy, which differs from traditional technology consulting:

“We don’t just sell technology solutions, but build and drive change through the help of technology. One needs to start from people and operating models and bring that understanding into utilising world-class service platforms and their benefits. The customers have also noticed that change is a long path where an all-encompassing partner is a valuable asset. The introduction of a technology solution forms only a small part of the journey”, accounts Rekonen.

ServiceNow itself has also taken big leaps forward over the years of collaboration, and in 2018 Forbes chose it as the most innovative company in the world. The company invests hundreds of millions of dollars every year in developing its technology.

The potential of automation has only started to scratch the surface

Although the big wheel of tapping into automation has already started in the Nordic countries, Sofigate considers that there is still a long way to go.

“We have only just scratched the surface of automation’s possibilities. The time for siloed systems and unnecessary manual work could already be over, as solutions do exist. With good change management, workable processes, and digital workflow platforms like ServiceNow, we can streamline our work and significantly improve the experience. Also, the quality of work improves and the chance for human error decreases, when processes have been thoroughly thought out and rationalised”, says Rekonen.

Sofigate leverages ServiceNow technology for a wide variety of needs, from the food industry to industries with high-security needs.

Sofigate has also identified the potential of automation and ServiceNow in facilitating the public sector and responding to acute challenges in the social and health care sector. The company has developed SofiCare, a quality assurance solution based on the ServiceNow platform, which improves both the quality of care and service productivity.

The ServiceNow Global Alliances and Channel Ecosystem (ACE) organisation recognises the achievements of best-in-class partners who have successfully contributed to ServiceNow’s growth through transformative practices in business, technology and customer success. This year’s awards are based on partner performance in 2020 and evaluate a combination of attributes that include revenue contribution, product line expansion, workflow and skills growth as well as business innovation or transformation.

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