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Sofigate organizing a training for the sought-after Google Cloud experts – “For the next 5 to 10 years, demand will exceed supply in the expert market”

The public cloud market is booming, and customer organizations have a growing need for Google Cloud experts. Sofigate, in collaboration with Academic Work and AW Academy, is organizing a 12-week training course for Google Cloud experts. At the end of the course, the participants will be employed by Sofigate. The course is free for participants. 

“Google Cloud experts are hard to find, and the need is only increasing in the future. It is estimated that in the next 5–10 years, demand will exceed supply in the expert market. Especially the largest top 100 companies in Finland need Google Cloud experts now and in the near future,” says Sakari Hyppänen, Public Cloud Program Director at Sofigate. 

The training course is part of Sofigate’s goal of building a competence center of 50 certified Google Cloud professionals. 

“We have bold goals that require bold moves. This training is one of them. Sofigate and Google Cloud are both relatively new players in the public cloud market. When two challengers join forces, something extraordinary usually happens”, Hyppänen says.  

Become a Google Cloud Expert in 12 weeks 

Sofigate’s partner in the training program is Academic Work. Their AW Academy specialises in intensive training for career changers, and the training is tailored to companies’ needs. AW Academy has created the Google Cloud training programme based on Sofigate’s needs and Academic Work responsible for the recruitment of course participants. 

“We do not require course applicants to have a specific background, but when selecting participants, we value learning ability, motivation, and general abilities that are needed in the work of a consultant at Sofigate”, says Vilja Saikkonen, Brand Manager at AW Academy.  

The application period for the Google Cloud training has started on 1 March 2021, and the participants will be selected at the end of May. 

“The course will begin with four weeks of independent pre-studies aimed to bring all participants to the same level. After pre-studies, on 21 June, we will move on to intensive training, which will last for 12 weeks”, Saikkonen continues. 

At the end of the course, the participants will start working as consultants at Sofigate through Academic Work.  After a year, Sofigate will have the opportunity to recruit the experts to work for them.  

“Sofigate, Academic Work and AW Academy have collaborated already in the past in training other technology professionals, and we have experienced that this arrangement really works. This is a good way for Sofigate to recruit the much-needed Google Cloud experts”, says Hyppänen. 


Train and become a Google Cloud expert for Sofigate! The application period is from 1 March to 11 April. Please note that applications are constantly reviewed, and the selections may be made before the end of the application period! 

(Information in Finnish)