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Sofigate leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with UiPath in its new Process Automation Cloud Solution

Sofigate has developed and launched a new cloud-based Robotics as a Service (RaaS) Process Automation solution together with enterprise RPA software company, UiPath. The solution helps to automate organisations’ rules-based, repetitive processes which would have been laborious or impossible to automate in the past with traditional ways.

Sofigate and UiPath started their collaboration in Autumn 2017. Companies are now introducing new cloud-based solution to automate their customers’ previously manual processes. Solution complements Sofigate’s Robotics as a Service (RaaS) Portfolio and is called RaaS Process Automation. RaaS Process Automation leverages the RPA technology which helps economically and rapidly automate tedious rules-based business tasks that were so far done by employees.

”With RaaS Process Automation, organisations can resource their technology-related business functions more effectively and gain the benefits from introducing the automation in very short lead time. We wanted to collaborate with the market leader in RPA technology and thus our natural technology selection was UiPath – the RPA platform with the fastest adoption rate”, says Sofigate’s Jussi Vuokko, business responsible of the Automation and Robotics.

No need for changes in the applications or infrastructure

The new RaaS Process Automation solution can be used to automate a number of business and support processes ranging from processes ran by IT, HR, Finance, Sales and other back-office departments to processes primarily intended for business purposes. Processes such as Quote to Cash, Purchase to Pay, ERP automation, On-/Offboarding, Password Reset, User Management, Master Data Management and Shipping Notifications are examples of processes that can be easily automated using RaaS Process Automation.

Sofigate’s customers have already started to use the solution. The RaaS Process Automation Solution can be easily deployed because there is no need for any change in the existing applications or infrastructure and it is a natural choice when automating processes executed in legacy or uncontrolled systems (for example external web based solutions).

One of Sofigate’s new customers in this area is Skanska Finland, one business unit of world leading project development and construction group Skanska. Skanska Finland is using solution to automate their business support processes such as Financial Management.

Pekka Mutikainen, Skanska’s CIO in Finland, said “One of our corporate strategic objectives is towards better operational efficiency. Raising level of digitalization and automation in our operations is an important tool to reach this objective. There is a huge potential for us to utilize new technologies such as sw- robotics to automate some of our daily business support operations. As we have good experiences leveraging cloud solutions for business use, Sofigate’s cloud based RPA solution was a natural choice to us.”

“For many people in the work field today, administration processes are diminishing productivity and carving out from the time spent in strategic tasks. As a result we have seen Robotic Process Automation gaining lots of traction in the market with successful deployments across industries. We are happy to collaborate with Sofigate, a leader in the Business Technology space. Our integrated solution will help customers’ fast track towards automation and deliver indisputable benefits”, says Anand Nagwani, UiPath Vice President, EMEA, Partnerships.

Bridging the gap in the Service Management

Sofigate is the leading company in the landscape of Enterprise Service Management. By extending solutions such as ServiceNow, Remedyforce and SAP with new Robotic Process Automation capabilities, it will help customers gaining benefits from end-to-end process automation within their organisations.

To bridge the gap in the Service Management, Sofigate has developed an RPA integration between ServiceNow and UiPath which helps customers easily extending the capabilities of process automation to processes based in ServiceNow. Sofigate plans to extend the integration to connect also to other solutions in their portfolio, such as Remedyforce and SAP.

“It is fair to say that 80%-90% of everything taking place in today’s business world is service. If one could automate even a few percentages of the current manual processes, it would bring significant benefits in terms of cost reductions in the service delivery and customer satisfaction with the better service”, continues Jussi Vuokko.

To learn more about new Sofigate RaaS Process Automation or ServiceNow RPA adapter, contact us for more information.

Sofigate’s Robotic as a Service portfolio also includes RaaS Virtual Assistant which uses Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Service and RaaS Intelligent Decisions which enables Machine Learning extending the (Robotic) Process Automation capabilities.