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The majority of internal work in organisations is repetitive and ineffective. With automation and digitalising work, organisations can save up to 85% of time and allow employees to focus on what matters most.

Siloed platforms, broken processes, and a lack of unified working practices are finally history. With our help, you can harness the power of the ServiceNow automation platform. Together we will unify your operations across the whole organisation, not just IT. As a result, you will have smart, automated services and change the way of working.

As our customer, you will have at your disposal the largest ServiceNow competence center (200+ experts) in the Nordics and our experience in 1000+ platform and solution projects. We constantly develop our skillsets and ready-to-use “low-code / no-code” concepts to deliver value to our customers’ business and operations fast.

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Our Business Automation expertise supports you in building your future workflows for Business Applications, IT Service Management, HR & Employee Experience, Customer Service Management, Risk, Audit and Compliance Management as well as Process Automation and Integration.

Our Service Design experts ensure the end user experience is a priority. Our unique Business Technology Design methodology ensures you are focusing on the key areas and realise planned benefits faster.

Our experts will help you:

  1. Define a target future state
  2. Create a Strategy and Roadmap to reach it
  3. Set up an Operating Model to run it
  4. Organisational Change Management
    to implement it


With the help of our competence center and our 160+ experts with the widest understanding and know-how of the ServiceNow technology in the Nordics, you will be able to utilise the full potential of your platform.

Harnessing the full power of  modern business platforms requires a combination of innovative technology and the capability to transform. With our ready-to-use concepts and solutions you can enhance your Operational Excellence.

Here are some examples of solutions we offer:

  • Workflow transformations from strategy to services
  • Automation and integrations to increase efficiency and reduce routine tasks
  • Workflow Innovations to reap the full benefits of the ServiceNow solution
  • Industry Specific Solutions (Digitalization Platform and SofiCare)
  • Portal and workflow process design
  • Process Optimization and UX Design
  • Development & Testing
  • ServiceNow License Resell
  • ServiceNow Trainings
  • Customer Care and Support Services


Each industry has it’s own traits and features. As our customer, you will be able to make use of our industry specific best practices, which we have developed over years of cooperation with several customers accross many industries. These ready-made core processes and workflows are available for you to accelerate the digital transformation of your organisation. Our 10+ years of experience working with ServiceNow have only added to that knowledge. 

Here are some industries we have worked with: 

  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Life Science / MedTech
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication & Media 
  • Government
  • Cities & Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Other Public organisations


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Our experts have worked with ServiceNow implementations from large international companies to startups and in various industries from public sector's multi-vendor environment to more simple deployments. What do our customer say about us? Read more below.

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ServiceNow has been selected as the most innovative company by Forbes 2018. Their solution allows an organisation to combine all its workflows on the same platform creating a unified way of working that reflects to all stakeholders. The platform is built with a strong focus on user experience, drawing inspiration on consumer products and understanding the modern user requirements and expectations.

We became the first ServiceNow partner in the Nordics in 2009, and have been building our talent center ever since, reaching an Elite Partner status in 2017. Today, we are a pioneer in workflow management, having successfully delivered more than 1000 ServiceNow projects for large private and public sector customers.

Our customers typically initiated their workflow transformation journey with IT operations. However, organisations have since realised the business value of a single digital workflow platform and are now moving into automating their HR, finance, legal, compliance, customer service, procurement, and other lines of business with ServiceNow.

We look forward to help you build your future workflows!

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WHITE PAPER: Digital tools that bring joy to the user?

Digitalising both the customer frontline and the technology backend functions with a modern workflow platform can significantly boost your business and work efficiency. Therefore, workflow efficiency should be at the top of the agenda not only for IT and digital leaders but also business line and backend function leaders.

Simplifying the process in employees’, and customers’ interface provides a better user experience combined with a more efficient, smart, automated and scalable way of working.

Our workflow experts put together a white paper that explains why cloud-based platforms are the essence of a modern business. It highlights the value that workflow management platforms deliver to technological backbone automation and user experience. We also introduce the six key capabilities you should look for when selecting a workflow platform implementation partner.

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Want to know more? Contact us!
Want to know more? Contact us!

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