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How many different websites, apps, and programs do you need to use to onboard a new employee? Or to send out a newsletter to employees? Or when you got an invoice with the wrong info and you need it fixed?

What if you could do it all under one portal? Our modern employee center is the next generation of employee experience – no more switching between several technologies, email mayhem or boring one-way communication of the old-fashioned intranet.

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Benefits of the platform

From one-way communication to dialogue

You don’t need to know who’s responsible for what service – the EX portal has it all. You can see your to-do’s, ask your colleagues for help, find events or see where your new employee’s onboarding process is going from a visual chart.

Saves time and money

When your employees don’t have to waste time shuffling between different platforms and finding out who’s responsible for what, you save both time and money. When all you need as an employee happens under one portal, it does not only save resources but improves employee satisfaction. Improving cross-functional workflows makes the employee the center of your business.


Your employees are used to googling things, so why wouldn’t you offer a smart search for your platforms? The EX portal offers an AI based search function, and it learns from your behavior to recommend relevant content for you.

What can you do with the portal?

  • Requests: whether it’s setting up a newly recruited employee and the onboarding process, adding a new project code, or asking colleagues for help.
  • Company news: let everyone know the latest of what’s going on.
  • To-do’s: see your open requests, what you and your team are working on, where your projects are standing.
  • Guidelines and info: find what you’re looking for – in one place.
  • Events: add webinars and internal events straight to your calendar.
  • Service catalog: easy ordering, whether it’s new devices or coffee for your meeting.
  • Artificial intelligence: the search function looks for information both on the portal and SharePoint, and the portal recommends content based on your location and behavior.
  • And much more!

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