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You need to do smart moves faster than ever in the constantly changing world. You need to react and make decisions fast, when it comes to your processes capabilities, people competence and fit-to-purpose technology.

Understanding where you are now is essential while planning the route to your destination. We built a tool that you can use to assess your organization’s initial change readiness. It only takes a few minutes, let’s go!

Change doesn’t just happen. Change must be made.

The change vision and business targets to-be-achieved can be clear on management level, but what does it really take to get the rest of the organisation there?


Every time when you need to start change actions, you probably have the same questions: how do we organize and manage the program or project? How do we align actions and milestones with the other ongoing activities in the organization? How do we ensure desired change is really achieved and sustained? Where do we find the right resources to do everything? Starting from scratch every time is not efficient and the good news is – you don’t have to!

We deliver our customers top notch OCM and digital development management services and competences. We focus on strategic thinking, leadership and hands-on management. Our concepts, services and the Competence Pool helps organisations with:

  • OCM and Communications
  • Program and Project Management
  • Agile and Enterprise Development
  • DMO and PMO
  • TransitionManagement (TMO)
  • Program / Project audit



We have everything ready for you! With our best practices and experienced people you save time and effort. Concepts proven in practice and swarm intelligence behind our experts makes us up to 50% faster.


We deliver the best people as a service scaled to your needs by Competence Pool service. Service covers resources initiation by dedicated service lead, so they can deliver efficiently from day one.


Our people manage and lead your programs and digital development projects as part of your own team. Our Change Leads guide your stakeholders to success with organizational change management (OCM) methods and best practices.


Leading change activities, development programs and projects in any customer organisation means working efficiently together with other Sofigate service teams. It is essential to create understanding of what, how and who in the very beginning of each case.

We build the best unified team, take the necessary practices into use and  analyse the change impact in the organization for people, processes and tools.

Leading Change and Programs works seamlessly together with other Sofigate concepts and offering, such as the ones listed on the right.

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Business Technology Standard Capability Model


Our concepts and practices are based on the open source Business Technology Standard framework. Whatever we do, we assess and scale the practical level actions to your situation utilising the needed framework elements.

Click below and read how to organise and implement the elements of development management following Business Technology Standard. You can use it to asses your current state or as a reference model for your development management initiatives.
Move to BT Standard

INSIGHT: Beware of the mistake that makes 70 percent of digital transformation initiatives redundant

Would you be shocked if we told you that 70% of all digital initiatives do not reach their goals? We believe that digitial initiatives are most successful when leaders understand that change is not an individual development or technology acquisition project.

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