Robotics as a Service

Automation is the key to transform your business to next level

In today’s business world, technology is everywhere and everything in the business landscape is digital. Organizations are forced to constantly look for ways to optimize their business and production processes with the goal of improving the value delivered to customers. Traditional functions can no longer stay competitive without maximizing their productivity and freeing capacity to tasks with innovative and creative nature.

Sofigate’s Robotics as a Service (RaaS) supports you in harnessing the means of automation to create value and reallocate capacity, which has become the new core element driving new business opportunities. Sofigate RaaS provides a complete solution for the Automation of Knowledge Work (Business Processes), utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Service and applying Machine Learning in Decision-Making.

What is robotics as a service and what we offer

Sofigate’s Robotics as a Service (RaaS) portfolio includes critical building blocks for automation of today’s business processes. RaaS portfolio consists of the following solutions (learn more later on this page):

  • RaaS Process Automation – Robotic Process Automation to Automate Business Processes
  • RaaS Virtual Assistant – Chatbot and Voice Assistants to Enhance Customer Service
  • RaaS Intelligent Decisions – Machine Learning to Automate Decision Making

RaaS portfolio seamlessly integrates automation technologies to be leveraged by the customer. All products in the Sofigate RaaS product family are built using modern, scalable and robust technology to deliver critical business needs of our customers.

Sofigate´s Robotics as a Service model provides you A one-stop-shop of automation:

  • Holistic, end-to-end cloud service for Process and Customer Experience Automation, fully led and provided by Sofigate
  • Secure delivery from certified data centers, located and managed within EU/ETA area
  • Certified and trained solution experts to configure, test and maintain the RaaS environment
  • Mentoring and training in each step of the implementation process


Above all the goal of RaaS is to ensure a holistic approach is taken to maximize business potential through operational efficiency and continuous improvement and change.

Benefits of using RaaS

Companies, which are looking to expand their business, are usually taking the first steps to digitalise their services and processes with the help of Intelligent Automation. Sofigate RaaS is the tool for succeeding in the Digital Transformation. The main goals are to reduce costs, increase service quality and improve productivity.

Cost reductions are gained when processes are made as efficient as possible through Automation: by maximizing quality and speed, but also by minimizing errors. In return, efficient processes enable people to focus on more motivating tasks and to utilize their core competencies, which creates more possibilities for new business innovations and solutions.

Business Benefits:

Increasing Scalability for managing resources in a more efficient way

Enhancing Operational efficiency

Improving Service & Process quality and availability

Upgrading Customer Experience

Boosting Employee satisfaction

Allocating Employee skills

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Senior Advisor
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Delivery Manager
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