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Maximize your service quality and productivity with intelligent automation and business integration.


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Automation is fundamental for business success

Today's competitive edge comes from the speed in which you are able to innovate and create value in your network of customers, suppliers and partners. This demands investments in productivity of your workforce by offering them solutions that free them up from repetitive and unproductive work.


Our business automation services enable:

  1. Realtime digital services by business API’s
  2. Improved information flow by building integrations within your company and business ecosystem
  3. Productivity increase through process and task automation
  4. Workflow automation with preconfigured solutions


The best people, practices and world class technology platforms

To get started with business automation, it’s a must to have a roadmap with quantified targets for your automation journey. We are specialised in identifying and quantifying productivity bottlenecks and solving them with fit-for-purpose technologies and services. We approach automation with a combination of business-driven planning and intelligent use of technology solutions in order to solve business problems. Our customers praise us for our business mindset and fast results which reflect Sofigate’s core values: Dare, Care, Grow.


Create innovative digital service experiences for your customers

by using real-time data and automated processes.


Boost your business solution development speed and results

with ready-made integration connectors in one platform.

Enhance the productivity and creativity of your workforce

by removing the repetitive, manual tasks from their daily agenda.

“One of our corporate strategic objectives is towards better operational efficiency. Raising level of digitalization and automation in our operations is an important tool to reach this objective. There is a huge potential for us to utilize new technologies such as software robotics to automate some of our daily business support operations. As we have good experiences leveraging cloud solutions for business use, Sofigate’s cloud based RPA solution was a natural choice to us.”

Pekka Mutikainen,

CIO, Skanska Finland

Best people, practices and tools

Business Automation concept is part of our digital transformation capabilities. We collaborate with several other capability areas at Sofigate, utilising our network of hundreds of Business Technology professionals.

We use Sofigate’s Business Technology Academy to train and coach your key players to make the most out of automation technologies and give them tools to manage modern digital services and solutions.

We work tightly with our Service Management Platform practise when holistic workflow automation capabilities are needed.


Business Technology Standard Capability Model


Business Automation solutions are tightly connected to service management platforms, as they enable automated workflows and support decision making with relevant information, also in real-time if needed.

Our Business Automation solutions are governed by methods and best practises presented in Business Technology Standard framework. Increasing the automation level in knowledge work will also affect the human workflows and human roles and responsibilities. AI & Automation will demand organisations to develop new capabilities to stay competitive. We are constantly updating the BT Standard framework to match the need of our customers to operate in automated and robotised business landscape.

Move to BT Standard

Our technologies


The leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology for routine task and process automation for example for HR, Finance, Sales, and IT/technology organisations.


The leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) technology enabling enterprise and ecosystem integrations, real time Business API’s and standardised connectivity.

one of Europe’s leading artificial intelligence companies focusing on customer service automation.


Innovative chatbot technology for automating conversations and empowering service teams.



ServiceNow makes work, work better for people. Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it — fast, simple, easy.


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