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Sofigate’s Roundtable enables you make better decisions faster – without having participants in the same place. It’s an online facilitation tool combining agile methodology, workshop facilitation expertise and social media environment.

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Sofigate is one of ServiceNow’s biggest and most experienced partner in Nordics. In addition to ITSM in IT, ServiceNow can increase productivity for many other organisational functions such as customer service management, HR, Finance and Facilities.

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Bmc’s Remedyforce enables you to deliver high-speed service management that empowers users and accelerates the business. We have a long partnership with BMC and an extensive experience of RemedyForce.

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UiPath is the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for expediting operational processes, increase agility and deliver greater value to customers. Our offering includes cloud-based RPA solution which helps organizations to automate their rules-based repetitive manual business or supporting processes.

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Sofigate relies on Cloud Coach to deliver project and development management solutions to support the transformation of your business and operations. You can optimize your development portfolio, steer the development project and ensure you have all the required resources for its execution.

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Arter ARC

To create business value with Enterprise Architecture, a visual and easy-to-use EA tool is needed. Arter ARC from Arter Oy is Sofigate’s choice for this purpos­e. It is the leading SaaS based solution in the market. We provide Arter ARC for you readily configured with best practices and metamodels. Our experts help you also with necessary training, coaching and advisory services.



Apptio is the business management system for hybrid IT. Its applications align technology investments to business priorities, engage business stakeholders to drive accountability and value, and optimize and increase efficiency of hybrid IT resources.

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ONEiO by Service-Flow

Service-Flow is a software service provider, which specializes in developing and producing ONEiO™- the Global Integration Hub. Service-Flow enables their clients to integrate seamlessly internal and external customers’, suppliers’ and subcontractors’ tools and processes just by subscribing to the ONEiO integration hub.

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